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Pinoy Movies About Mothers You Should Watch With Your Mom

There are a lot of ways to show our moms we care. To show we actually pay attention to the things that they like—or hate (like dirty dishes left unwashed, misaligned furniture, and a hundred more things that don’t meet their standards). This Mother’s Day, let’s give them something to do other than stressing over the broken washing machine that your dad insisted to fix but didn’t really know how to. If she’s a lover of local cinema, calm her nerves by luring her to a movie marathon featuring her favorite artistas. Cinema One has lined up several movies for this Mother’s Day sure to warm the heart and unleash a cryfest.



Caught between the demands of career (she’s an advertising executive) and family (she’s a wife and mother of two), Melissa (Maricel Soriano) tries her darndest to be a winner in both worlds. But her husband Dodie, played by Edu Manzano, is having an affair. Melissa tries to save her marriage but ends up losing the battle. She becomes a single mom and along the way realizes she doesn’t need a husband to survive.


Motherhood statement:

Melissa: I don’t need a parasite!

Dodie: And I don’t need a part-time wife.


Bahay Kubo

Bahay Kubo is the non-Chinese Mano Po. It’s about Eden and her adopted kids. All was well and happy until they moved to the big city. While trying to maintain the lifestyle they were accustomed to, Eden is also struggling to keep her family together. In the end, Eden has to make the hardest decision a mother has to make: fight for her kids or lose them.


Motherhood Statement:

Eden: Wala kang anak dito. Lahat sila mga anak ko na. Bakit pera lang ba lahat ‘to? Ano yun nag-sangla ka tapos ngayon tutubusin mo? Anong palagay mo sa’kin pawnshop?



Eugene Domingo plays the role of Violet, an eccentric mom to triplets. Navigating the road of single motherhood, her struggle begins when her children start asking about their absent father.


Motherhood statement:

Hindi ko kailangan ng asawa. Ang kailangan ko ay ama para sa’king mga anak.”


A Mother’s Story

This first ever The Filipino Channel-produced film is about an illegal immigrant worker played by Pokwang, who left her kids in the Philippines so she can provide a better life for them. But things didn’t turn out the way she thought it would. She comes back to the country only to find her husband has abandoned the family home, and that her kids barely recognize her.


Motherhood statement:

Nay, baka hindi ka na bumalik.”

“Si Ate Vi nga binalikan si Claudine sa pelikulang Anak. E Vilmanian ako! Tandaan mo ‘to, I shall return.”


Ang Tanging Ina N’yong Lahat

The all-suffering and extremely loving Ina Montecillo and her massive family find themselves embroiled in conflicts both personal and political: Ina is forced to run for the presidency and wins.


Motherhood statement:

“Practice makes perfect. But then again, nobody’s perfect. So why practice?”


Mano Po 6: A Mother’s Love

Megastar Sharon Cuneta plays the role of Melinda, a half-Filipino, half-Chinese mother fighting to get her daughter back from her sister-in-law. Discriminated against because she’s not a pure- bred Chinese, she goes out into the world of business and proves to her husband’s family that she’s not one to be treated poorly.


Motherhood statement:

“Gagawin ko ang lahat para mabawi ang dapat ay sa akin.”



All these movies are showing in the Mother’s Day programming of Cinema One. Cinema One is channel 56 on Sky Cable Digital.