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2020 Off To A Rough Start? Follow These Feel-Good IG Accounts To Banish Negativity

The world needs more good news these days, and these accounts are ready to serve you a warm, hot mug of steamy positivity any time, and anywhere, you need it

If  you're anything like us at Metro.Style, you're feeling a little off-kilter, a little out of balance this 2020. And while we know it's too early to generalize the feeling for the entire year, you have to admit that 2020 has certainly been off to a rocky start, and we've certainly felt the effects of that!

With climate change-related catastrophes and manmade disasters, to increasingly tense international relations and general state of uncertainty in the world dominating headlines and casual conversations alike, it's become a little too easy  to lose hope and be filled with disillusionment—but let's fight it. 

Let's fight it together and what's more, be inspired and motivated to keep on going with the help of those who believe that it's still worth it to do so.

With a little (soul) searching on the Internet, we found a handful of Instagram accounts that do exactly this, and do it well! They've made it their very mission to nurture positivty, foster kindness, and spread the word that not all has been lost to terror and fear and lost causes—and wouldn't you want that on your feed, and on your mind?

Now don't dillydally; at this very moment, we're sure you could use a little pick-me-up story, quote, or world update, and we guarantee that these accounts featured below will deliver that and more. 

Help spread the good news and share this with everyone you love!


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