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Queer Eye Just Released Its Season 2 Trailer—And We’re Already Reaching For A Box Of Tissue

This soon? But really, who are we kidding? We couldn’t be more thrilled. The new Fab Five, the very “woke” quintet of Antoni Porowski (Food & Wine), Bobby Berk (Interior Design), Karamo Brown (Culture), Jonathan Van Ness (Grooming), and Tan France (Fashion) is back for the second season of Queer Eye on Netflix. And on Pride Month at that! 



The show, which turns the “stylistically challenged into hip and happening savants” just released its trailer—and from the looks of it, audiences are in for more makeovers, more laughter, and more wiping of tears with just a finger. Plus a couple of transformations where the education on “shuzhing” is not directed to a straight guy. After all, that limiting directive has been ditched from the program title since the show returned early this year as just Queer Eye.



“We have a really special treat this week, guys,” says Bobby, as per the trailer, while telling the gays who their next subject will be. “We’re doing a lady.” 

Antoni: “I haven’t done a lady in years.”

Bobby: “Personally, I’ve never done a lady.”


More sassy comebacks are sure to delight us in this new season where the all-gay gang “embark on Queer Eye’s boldest crusade ever” with its message of encouragement, the value of community, and the importance of great hair and clothes that fit.



Queer Eye Season 2 debuts on Netflix this June 15. 

Photo courtesy of Netflix