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All The Questions 'Game of Thrones' Needs to Answer in The Series Finale

Let the final game begin!

SPOILER ALERT, obviously. But if you’re reading this you really should be caught up by now.


It’s the end of an era—and after the last episode, we still have so many questions.

Who did Varys send all the letters to? Why did he take his rings off? Was Cersei ever really pregnant? Will Daenerys execute Tyrion for freeing Jaime? What about Jon and Sansa? Why didn't Dany and Drogon just go straight for the Red Keep? Where is Arya going? How will Game of Thrones wrap 8 seasons up in 80 minutes?



When is spring?

Winter came, so… is spring coming?


Will history repeat itself?

Could the characters take cues from their fathers at Robert’s Rebellion? Will a Lannister betray his role as Hand and band with the Baratheon and Starks in overthrowing a Mad Targaryen on the Iron Throne?



Was the Night King and the Army of the Dead just a red herring?

With all the time invested into that narrative, there must be more to that story. What else is beyond the Wall? What about the Children of the Forest?


What have all the other characters been up to?

Whatever happened to Illyrio Mopatis, the guy who gave Dany the dragon eggs? Is Daario Naharis still in Meereen? How’s Robin Arryn been in the Vale? Is Edmure Tully still imprisoned at Riverrun? Will Jaqen H’ghar make a return? What ever happened to Meera Reed? Her father Howland Reed did accompany Ned to Jon’s birth, and he is the only living (as far as we know) witness to Jon’s true parentage…


What about the other kingdoms in the realm?

The Westerlands belong to House Lannister, and last time we saw Robin Arryn, the Starks’ cousin was Lord of the Vale. In need of a replacement for House Frey, Cersei offered Bronn Riverrun in exchange for her brothers’ lives. House Tarly rules The Reach, and Sam is next in line to rule, but Tyrion also promised Bronn Highgarden. So, what’s in for all the kingdoms and to whom will they bend the knee?



Will the North and the Iron Islands maintain their independence from Westeros?

Both redeclared their independence from the Iron Throne after Robert Baratheon’s reign. Daenerys promised Yara the Iron Islands could remain independent in exchange for their support in the war against Cersei; Sansa, however, did not get that same promise.


What about the Wall and the Night’s Watch?

Now that the threats beyond the Wall were dealt with, will Bran make like his namesake and rebuild the Wall with the help of the Children of the Forest’s magic? Has the Night’s Watch, officially, ended? Will Westeros expand?


Who will pay the Lannister/the crown debts to the Iron Bank?

Not something we need answered, but something the future rulers of Westeros might want to know.


Who is Azor Ahai/The Prince(ss) That Was Promised?

The big question. Is Arya Azor Ahai for killing the Night King? Are Azor Ahai and The Prince(ss) That Was Promised the same person? Who is Nissa Nissa, Azor Ahai’s wife he sacrificed to create the famous Lightbringer? Will Jon kill Daenerys?


Which prophecies came and will come true?

Can we also get more of an explanation about the magic and religion? Are the dragons the last of the magical creatures? Will Daenerys’ eyes be the green eyes Arya will shut forever? Why was Jon brought back to life?



What is the fate of the Iron Throne?

Will it have to move headquarters? Who will ultimately be sitting on it? Will it have anyone sitting on it? Aegon “the Conqueror” Targaryen built the wheel—will Aegon “Jon Snow” Targaryen break it? Will a Stark end up on the Iron Throne? Will Gendry take it as the last living Baratheon?


Who will win the Game of Thrones? 

The ultimate question that definitely will need to be answered. Will anyone even win?



Photos from HBO