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Catch Rachelle Gerodias On Stage In 'Madly Filipiniana'

Take my word for it, if you’re one of those who appreciate impeccable singing, Filipino music through the decades, and wonderful production values; you owe it to yourself to catch Rachelle Gerodias and her Madly Filipiniana show. There’s one more performance on Sunday, October 21 at the Maybank Performing Arts Theatre BGC, and you won’t be sorry for rushing out to get tickets. Directed by Floy Quintos and produced by Miguel Miñana, this is a production that’s conceptualised like a dream, and you can pinch yourself after, overjoyed that you took my advice.



The concept is simple yet tremendously effective. The show opens like we’re in the sala of a grand Filipino home in the early 20th century. It’s announced that the musicians and dancers have arrived, and when the guest singer, the sublime soprano Rachelle Gerodias, is whisked in, we’re transported to a time and place when there was so much pride in the kundiman, and in home grown Filipino compositions, music, and dances. Like we’re in some time warp, or living cultural/history lesson, we are treated to song after song that soar, tease, flirt, profess love, and make our hearts feel stout with pride for Filipino artistry.



The guest artists include Raul Sunico, Jett Pangan, the Kalilayan Folkloric Group, the Koro ng Unida, and Rachelle’s husband, Korean baritone Byeong-in Park. Musical director is Dingdong Fiel. And special mention has to be made for Byeong-in Park. Yes, he may be Rachelle’s husband, but that doesn’t mean he had to know all these Filipino songs. But know them he does, and singing in Tagalog such classics as "Magpakailanman" and "Dahil Sa Isang Bulaklak", you can't help but applaud the mastery of these songs that he’s achieved. 

Too often, we decry how so much of what passes for culture today is influenced from other countries, or how we’ve lost touch with Filipino values, culture and tradition. Well, if you’re one of those, get off your armchair/soapbox, and rush to catch this show, as productions such as these badly need our support to thrive and prosper. Besides being elucidating, educational, and entertaining; it’s a showcase of Filipino music, talent and Life, so no excuses!


Lead images from Rachel Gerodias: Madly Filipiniana on Facebook