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Here's How You Can Combat Child Malnutrition And Hunger In The Philippines With Every Visit To Your Favorite Restaurants

Charity has never tasted so good!



International humanitarian non-profit Action Against Hunger (AAH) invites all food-loving Filipinos (and that's pretty much all of them!) to participate in their annual Restaurants Against Hunger (RAH) program beginning in October. The charitable initiative addresses the major problem of child maltrunition in the Philippines, and while that seems like a tough issue to tackle on one's own, contributing to its success through this channel is much easier than it seems. 


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In fact, joining the program barely asks you to do anything out of the ordinary. Guy Halsey, AAH Country Director, was on point when he said, "With just a little, you can make a big impact." 


Guy Halsey, Action Against Hunger Country Director


The initiative's mechanics are simple: the next time you think of eating out with family, spending a dinner with friends, or going out for date night, consider making a reservation at an RAH-registered restaurant. In these restaurants' menus, you'll notice special stickers labeling some items as "dishes that feed more." When you order these dishes, a percentage of what you pay for them goes to RAH programs in the Philippines—that's how easy it is to help out. 

Participating restaurants have been announced, so take note of them!



Speaking of restaurants, RAH is still in the process of adding more to its roster of participating establishments, so interested restaurant owners are strongly encouraged to sign up and join the initiative! The process is also incredibly simple: visit the Restaurants Against Hunger Philippines website, click "register," and then sign up by providing the information requested for. 

Worry not about how to integrate the RAH mechanics in day-to-day operations; AAH Fundraising and Resource Development Manager Dale Divinagracia assures interested parties that they'll provide all marketing materials needed for the campaign, information notes for staff, and even an orientation for everyone involved, if needed. 


Dale Divinagracia, Action Against Hunger Fundraising and Resource Development Manager 


The enthusiasm that Dale, Guy, and the rest of their team to unite the country's robust food and beverage industry players in this campaign is palplable; after all, they've been at this for three years, and their hopes for widening their reach are high and bright. 

"This comes naturally to restaurant owners, chefs, and foodies," Dale says. 

"Food and nourishment comes naturally to them, and this is a way for them to help—an opportunity for them to band together as a whole restaurant industry, to fight hunger and channel their passion for food into life-saving impact against child malnutrition," he continues. 


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To share their biggest accomplishments to date, Guy and Dale are point out their success in helping families affected by the Marawai crisis, underserved communities in Lanao del Sur and Lanao del Norte, and internally displaced communities in Zamboanga to name a few. 



Proceeds from their campaigns just like Restaurants Against Hunger provide them with the financial resources needed to implement crucial activities including emergency and hygiene kit distribution, the repair and establishment of sanitation facilities, nutrition screening, and the facilitation of workshops for local healthcare workers needed to sustain AAH's work among many other things. 


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At the end of the day, the core of everything AAH does is ensuring that the youngest of Filipinos have access to everything they need in order to develop into healthy adults, physically, cognitively, and emotionally—this is key to ensuring that related issues of poverty, a lack of education, and the inaccessibility of life-changing opportunities are alleviated in the process. 



Their actions are based on the latest survey conducted by the Food and Nutrition Research of the Department of Science and Technology that shows that 33.4%—a whopping 3.8 million—Filipino children are stunted (too short for his or her age) and another 7.1% suffer from wasting (being too thin for his or her height). As they develop into adulthood, these children are most likely to get sick more often, less able to perform well in school, vulnerable to developmental delays, and face an increased risk of death.  

It becomes clear that the simple—but sadly out of reach—resource of a healthy diet and clean water can make a world of a difference for these kids. 



And so, by joining in RAH this year every time you enjoy a plateful of a qualified dish at a participating restaurant, know that you're doing much more than satiating your craving for the day—you're helping a Filipino child's life reach its full potential, ensuring that he, too, can one day enjoy the pleasures of a delicious meal and a bright future ahead just like you. 

The Restaurants Against Hunger Campaign will run from October 1 to December 1, 2018. 


Images from @restaurantsagainsthungerph