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5 Game-Changing Tech Trends From The Samsung Unpacked Event In San Francisco

There are certain moments in history when you feel like you’re looking at something tremendous. This is one of those moments. Here, in San Francisco, amidst thousands of journalists from all over the world, Samsung showed us what it’s like to finally reach a level of reality that previously only existed in science fiction. Devices that fold into itself, powering up wirelessly from object to object, seamless pairing and interconnectedness—the future is right here. We’re talking about the Galaxy Fold, the Galaxy 10, and the next generation wearables presented at Samsung Unpacked 2019 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. 




DJ Koh himself—the President of Samsung Electronics—along with Samsung’s Senior Manager, Josh Kim, Senior Director Drew Blackard, Director of Product Marketing Suzanne de Silva, Senior Director for Marketing Elina Vives, and Instagram head Adam Mosseri and Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg all came together to announce some of the most exciting tech innovations you’ll be hearing about in the coming months. 



1. The future of phones is bent, case in point: Galaxy Fold

Just when you think everything possible has been done, here comes the Galaxy Fold. It does exactly what you think: it folds inward. This revolutionary device has a 4.6” display when closed, and has 4800 mAh of power. 



A smartphone, tablet, and camera, the Galaxy Fold fits right inside the pocket. It has a system that runs 5 cameras: Three on the rear and two on the side, for maximum viewing experience. 



One of its key features is three-app multitasking, so you can watch a YouTube video, send a message, and surf the internet all at the same time. It also has app continuity, which means you can leave a task and fold the phone then pick up from where you left off when you open it. 


2. Camera phones let you see beyond the naked eye, in perspectives you’ve never imagined before.

If you want to innovate, you have to be radically different, you have to go beyond the standard, and that’s what the new Galaxy S10 has achieved with its variants: the S10e, the S10, and the S10+. 



What you see with the eye is where the S10 sets itself apart. It comes in an all-new design—a dynamic AMOLED display that comes out 14% brighter, so you’ll have amazing visibility under any lighting condition. With increased screen real estate, it comes with an even bigger screen-to-body ratio of 90%.

The camera is where boundaries are shattered, offering perspectives that even the naked eye cannot see. This is because of the True Vision Multi-Camera, which comes with three rear cameras—a 12MP telephoto, 12 MP wide angle with dual aperture, and a 16MP ultra-wide. It’s so wide that it goes beyond human sight! 



Like previous models, it comes with the dual aperture feature, which combines 17 photos to create one perfect, more vivid photo. It also has scene recognition: food, people, text, stage, face, city, night scenes, dog, baby, even vehicles. Plus it comes with a composition guide feature so you can shoot like a pro. It also has a pro camcorder in Ultra HD that goes up to 60FPS in the back and 30FPS in the front. The S10+ also comes with depth and dual-pixel Auto Focus for outstanding selfies. 

Here’s our favorite feature: the Instagram collaboration. Samsung partnered with Instagram to link photos directly with the app, which means right after taking the photo you can upload directly on your feed or on stories. 


3. Fingerprint and identity technology innovation is paramount with the increased emphasis on security.

Did you know that there your fingerprint can actually be copied via a 3D printer? Yes, we’re in the age of hacking and 3D forgeries. Thankfully, the S10 has Intelligent Performance, specifically advanced fingerprint authentication, which can tell 3D forgery when you see it. This will give you an added dose of protection. 

Apart from the protection, we love the seamless experience it gives, which is so intuitive that it seems like you have an assistant right inside the phone. There’s also the adaptive power management that helps turn off apps based on different situations to save energy, and one of our favorite features: wireless charging. The S10 can power up other devices and wearables when linked to the phone’s rear portion, ensuring that you won’t run out of battery on your wearables, or you can share your power with another friend’s phone through its emergency power sharing. 


4. Gadgets are a lifestyle, it’s all about life-integration and having an ecosystem of products that work seamlessly.

While the whole is the sum of its parts, the next generation wearables call for a new lifestyle that’s interconnected—and so when you connect the Galaxy to the entire ecosystem, you can manage not only your smart home, your life, but more importantly, your health. 



For one, the new Galaxy Buds are design for all-day comfort, and can easily pick up voice directly, no matter where you go. It’s 30% smaller than the previous version, and is the lightest and most comfortable set of earbuds yet. It can handle up to five hours of calls and six hours of battery life. This is perfect for the gym as you can easily shift from listening to music to talking with your friends.

The Galaxy Watch Active, on the other hand, is water-resistant at up to 5ATM, has an intuitive user interface for you to easily check on your stats, and offers over 60 watch faces. Its lighter version is the Galaxy Fit, which is as light as a single strawberry!

Both the Watch Active and the Fit have sleep tracking that reach up to the REM stage, and come with a heart rate monitor and stress tracking to keep you calm and in control despite what life may throw at you. 


5. The speed of the future is 5G 

Finally, the Global Unpacked session also announced its vision of the future—the Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy Fold both in 5G. This means it can reach speeds 20 times faster than 4G: an exciting prospect for data and information that can come zooming right in, opening the door to dizzying possibilities. 



The Galaxy S10 5G comes with a 6.7” AMOLED display with a 3D depth syncing camera that allows for the background blur of videos in realtime. 

All in all, these developments show a hyperconnected world, one where everything and everyone will be right at your fingertips—a prospect that’s just amazing when you think about it. You’ll be hearing more about these things (and doing more with them, as well) when Samsung’s cutting-edge devices finally hit the shelves. 


Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10+ with the Galaxy Watch Active will be available on March 8; the Galaxy Fit on May 31, and Galaxy Tab S5e on April 6. The Galaxy Fold Starts at $1980 and comes in the LTE and 5G versions will be available on April 26