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The Body Love Revolution Conference Is Something You Shouldn't Miss If Finding Happiness Is On Your Agenda

Is it your wide hips or your thin lips that bother you? What about your hair texture, broad shoulders or strong, athletic thighs; those aren't your best assets either, according to you, and neither are your eyes, chin, arms, feet, or any other body part you can think of. 

When it comes to their features that are loved, women are surprised to realize that not many come to mind, and even more so about how much easier it is to list examples of all the ways they wish their bodies were different—or supposedly, more beautiful. 


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Ask yourself—what about your physical make up do you love the most? When you see your reflection, can you truly, unconditionally and unequivocally, claim that you love body for every great thing that it is? 

All women will know the answer, as it's likely one that they all share. 



Issues of body love and acceptance affect girls and women much more than they realize.

Day in and day out, they're bombarded with negative influences that encourage them to find flaws in the body they were blessed with, as well as with messages that inculcate dissatisfaction with themselves and the desire to meet unattainable and unrealistic standards of beauty and "perfection."


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It's a problem countless women of different ages, shapes, social backgrounds, and nationalities face, and Filipinas are definitely among those who need to be reminded that they and their bodies are, indeed, amazing just the way they are. 

It's a tough egg to crack, but fortunately for Filipinos (both men and women!), the She Talks Asia Team composed of co-founders and social advocates Iza Calzado, Lynn Pinugu, Vicky Herrera, and Sarah Meier have taken it upon themselves to dissect the prevalent issue of body love one layer at a time, making sure to undo the damage and equip women with the strength and confidence to love themselves better in a world that constantly teaches them to do otherwise. 



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She Talks Asia, a multi-platform organization that focuses on providing a safe space for women and female-identifying individuals and support for their empowerment, is making body love the focus of their series of conferences and events this year. It will be the second edition for She Talks Asia whose 2017 "Every Girl Can" summit focused on defining what it meant to be a modern Filipina. 


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Iza, Lynn, Vicky, and Sarah—all of whom have gone on their own journeys of discovering self-love—acknowledge the need to convince women that their bodies need not follow anyone else's standards but their own to be considered beautiful. They know that it's an issue that must be addressed with care, solidarity, and conviction, hence, the #BodyLoveRevolution conference was born and officially launched this month. 



The one-day event will be jam-packed with meaningful workshops, relatable dialogues, and dynamic presentations tackling the wide array of body love topics. Attendees can expect to be enriched by speakers sharing their own experiences with media and its effect on self-image, the physical manifestations of emotions, debunking body love myths, embracing one's self-worth, multi-generational issues of body love, and the quickly changing perceptions of beauty. 

An impressive lineup of 24 speakers and influencers will headline the event, many of whom attendees will appreciate getting to know better; Miss Universe Philippines 2018 Catriona Gray, Erwan Eussaff, Sara Black, Nikki Gil, Danah and Stacey Gutierrez, and Iza Calzado herself will be among those taking the stage at the event. 



And, take note, just because it's a She Talks Asia event organized by women for women doesn't mean that boys and men can't participate—not at all. The issue of body trascends gender and all other distinctions; anyone and everyone is affected by the issue, and all people deserve the opportunity to come to a venue where they can find healing and support and make realizations about themselves and others. 

You'll find both of those and more at the conference scheduled on September 29, and with an open mind, can ultimately end the day with a renewed sense of happiness—about who you are, the new connections you make, and the renewed motivation to live life to the fullest right in the body you've been given. 



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