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Sherlock Holmes - As A Woman - Is Coming To Town This April



Miss Sherlock, the main character and namesake of the TV show from Japan, is a different kind of Sherlock Holmes. For one, she’s a woman. For another, “qualities that a man usually possesses”, according to the show’s press conference, “are conferred upon her character. The screenplay from Miss Sherlock was made from this unique perspective.” “Miss Sherlock simply tries as much as she can to be real [and not pretentious],”says the actress playing Holmes, Yuko Takeuchi. Lastly, the Watson to her Sherlock is…also a woman!

Metro.Style sat down with Takeuchi to learn more.

Metro.Style: How was this role different from your previous roles?

Yuko Takeuchi: The difference between the previous roles and this role is [Miss Sherlock] is quite intellectual. [Holmes] is intuitive so when there is a dialogue going on I have to act as if I know what is happening. You know what is going to be said, you know what the next move is. So even with the way I as gazing or listening, the way you interact with other characters are different [from when you play other acting roles].

M.S.: What do you like best about the role?

Y.T.: The fact that she knows what she’s doing and she knows what is going to be happen!

M.S.: Is there a lot of comedy in the series?

Y.T.: There are some comedic elements but so much of her Ms. Sherlock character and other actor’s reactions to what she is doing is a bit comedic.

Yuko Takeuchi


M.S.: Is her relationship with Watson the same as the relationship of the traditional Sherlock’s with the traditional Watson?

Y.T.: There are sort of emotions and feelings between two male leads and that to females are quite different and that is quite interesting.

M.S.: What is your favorite part of playing the character?

Y.T.: Because the character knows or predicts what’s going to be, the words that she uses are sometimes like she is babbling something, it’s a bit rude but she enjoys that part.

As the character goes around, people will say you have to be considerate of other people’s feelings but with this character, you ignore people’s feelings. To have that kind of attitude is quite refreshing and fun.

M.S.: What is going to make a show a success, aside from having two female leads?

Y.T.: it’s such a familiar story, people will know the story of Sherlock Holmes and a lot of people are inspired by [this version of] Sherlock Holmes, so that has an immediate connection to the audience a well.

The main character Sherlock was portrayed in this kind of way that there’s a lot of reactions on situations that surround her. She’s quite intriguing and that’s what people constantly want.


HBO and Hulu have signed a joint agreement to debut the show in April.