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Thinking Of Shifting Your Kids To Homeschooling? This Webinar Is Here To Help!

Equip yourself with the online education 101 through ‘Homeschooling Basics.’

Homeschooling has been around for years, and today, more and more parents opt to educate their children in the comforts of their homes. With the current lockdown confining us within the safety of our personal spaces, online education has become more relevant. As a parent, a secure and sound learning environment is an important basis in choosing the institution to enroll your kids in, something that homeschooling setup can offer. Our family’s health is at utmost importance, after all—now more than ever.

If you’re thinking of shifting your child to homeschooling but is clueless on where to start, BusinessWorks’ TrainingOnline is opening a live webinar called “Homeschooling Basics: A Guide on How to Begin Your Homeschool Journey!” this Wednesday, April 29, featuring sisters and homeschooling advocates Felichi P. Buizon and Dr. Donna P. Simpao. The hosts will tackle the questions you’re burning to ask about homeschooling—from starting a good foundation and knowing how it works, down to personalizing your child’s homeschooling journey and logistics that come with it. 

Consider this webinar your ultimate guide, whether you’re just getting acquainted to this fast-evolving new form of education or have already started the homeschooling journey. The live seminar workshop will start at 2 p.m. and last for three hours, which gives ample time for parent teachers to focus on the discussions while the little ones are having their afternoon siesta!

“Homeschooling Basics” is just one of the many workshops that BusinessWorks' TrainingOnline is currently offering. Previously, the brand organized “Breakthrough In A Time Of Breakdowns: Business Edition” with Anthony Pangilinan, and has a series of other webinars up on their social media pages for one to check out and join in, with topics that range from parenting to making change.

Sign up for “Homeschooling Basics”, and find out more about BusinessWorks' TrainingOnline on Facebook.
Homeschooling: The Pros & Cons From The Parents Who Do


Homeschooling: The Pros & Cons From The Parents Who Do