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Single On Valentine's Day? Here Are 13 Ways To Enjoy Singlehood On The Most Romantic Day Of The Year 

Who said you needed someone else to be able to feel the love on this day of hearts? 

We beg to disagree that Valentine's Day is a frustrating day for the date-less! There are some truly enjoyable ways to spend Valentine's Day on your own, with friends, or with family. After all, love's not just about the romance between lovers; it extends to taking care of yourself, having a deep-belly laughs with your best buds, spending quality time with your family, and even making a difference in the lives of strangers. 

For all the singles out there, this one's for you! 



Plan a soiree 



Shut down everyone who teasingly insists Valentine's Day is "singles' awareness day" by planning a party just for singles — and having just as much fun as those on couples' dates. Set up a gathering at home with great food, lively music, and quirky dating games and invite friends looking to have a great time. You're sure to meet new people, make new connections, spark new flames, and, who knows, maybe even find a date for next year's Valentine's. 



Go for an all-girls get-together: Version bond indoors 



So you want to keep it just between you and your girl friends so you can safely spill the beans about the cute boy who sits across you at work, reminisce about old loves, or talk incessantly about how to reply to a text message from the new guy you may or may not be seeing — no problem! Consider making a night of it complete with pampering activities: be ready with face masks, snacks (both sweet and savory, of course), a watch list, a bottle (or two) of wine, cute jammies, and everything else you and girl friends love to bond over. Nothing hits the spot quite like a good night of strengthening the sisterhood. 



Go for an all-girls get-together: Version go out and have a blast



If you're feeling a little more social as a lovely single woman on Valentine's, take your most outgoing gal pals with you out on a night of bar crawling or club hopping. (Don't forget that part of the fun is shopping for new outfits and makeup beforehand!) Whether you're the type to hit the dance floor all night long or the person who simply nurses their drink while people watching, the night is bound to give you a couple of pleasant surprises along the way.



Line up the ultimate watch list


This activity can do on your own, with a group, or even with your family. The important part is you have fun! You can of course put together a watch list of any movie genre you prefer, but keeping to the spirit of Valentine's, here's a list of romantic dramas and comedies that'll give you a good, healthy cry or a much-needed laugh — it all depends on what you feel like.  


  • For the drama lovers: Wicker Park, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Before Sunrise, P.S. I Love You, Me Before You
  • For the romcom fans: 10 Things I Hate About You, Bridget Jones' Diary, Click, Never Been Kissed, Crazy Stupid Love 


Relax, rejuvenate, re-energize



It's only the second month of the year, but we're sure you've been working non-stop to meet your company targets and achieve personal goals at the same time. While that's actually a really good thing, it's important to remember to give yourself a break and show some self-love once in a while! There's no better way to do this than to give yourself just a few hours of gadget-free and distraction-less time to calm your body and mind on Valentine's Day. Book yourself the full monty at your favorite day spa and just indulge. Get treatments that make you feel amazing from head to toe and we promise you that you'll glow like no other the day after. 



Show kindness to others beyond your circle 



Aside from boyfriends, girlfriends, best friends, and family, there are others outside our immediate circle who are in need of attention and TLC, yet are unable to find it. Why not do something kind for them and give sharing love on Valentine's a different spin? You can choose to volunteer at or donate to an orphanage, a senior's home, a hospital, or other organizations that care for underprivileged groups. You never know; you may just discovery an advocacy you care about and continue to support long after Valentine's Day has passed. Feel free to go on your own or take a group with you. 



Show our four-legged friends some love



Don't forget; animals need love, too! And for the animal lovers, Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to pet, cuddle, and belly scratch your furry friends all day long. The best part is, they'll return your affection a hundredfold. There are tons of animal groups in need of volunteers in and outside Metro Manila, and we guarantee there will be no shortage of places that will welcome your help. Resist the urge to adopt and bring home all the animals you meet! 


Sweat it out



Getting a good sweat is always a good thing, Valentine's Day, or otherwise! Hit the gym, go for a run, do some yoga, or attend a spinning class; exercising raises your endorphins level they'll help make you feel so much better! Exercise with a friend to make it all the more fun.



Be a Valentine's Day Santa 



Even if you're not super affected by being single on Valentine's, you're still going to feel a little lump grow in your throat with all the flowers, teddy bears, boxes of chocolate, cards, balloons, and whatever else is going to show up at your office (for other people) on this day — you're human with feelings, after all. To combat this, don't try to ignore all the goings-on; be a part of it. Prepare simple yet thoughtful Valentine's Day gifts for officemates and surprise them with the not so usual gesture. A piece of chocolate or a fu greeting card will do. You'll smile when you see you've made others smile. 



Eat the night away



Food is always a great companion to any holiday. You can cook it, organize a potluck dinner with friends, treat yourself in your favorite restaurant, prepare a trendy grazing table, or order in all the yummy stuff you love and dine at home. When it comes to Valentine's-related feasts, we'd really love to give a chocolate tasting party a go, as well as a champange night and a make-your-own-cocktail session! 



Be there for people who need company 



Valentine's Day can be tough on people for other reasons. They may be going through a rough patch in their lives and if you know they need the company but are too shy to ask for it, you should go ahead and be there for them. They may not say it, but trust that it'll make all the difference. Go for a movie, a dinner, get some ice cream and go for a stroll, take a walk with your dog, or just do whatever it is you think will make them happy. Don't forget that compassion is just as important as passion on Valentine's. 


Spend the day or night with your parents



It's not so often that we think of spending time with parents outside of the holidays or typical Sunday dinners with our parents. They're the people who first showed us how to love and be kind to others, so to show them we remember them on this day of love, consider making Valentine's Day a family affair, and maybe invite a sibling or two to make it even more fun.  Take them out or simply spend time at home and talk about the good old days when you were little and how they took care of you while you were growing up. 


Sleep it off



If all else fails, getting a good night's rest is a failsafe option. Valentine's Day just lasts for one night of the year; eight hours after you doze off, and it's all over and things are back to normal. Why not take the opportunity to get a full night's rest — with our busy schedules, this is a privilege and a luxury!