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UNBOXING: There’s Something New With The 2019 Starbucks Planners And We’ll Be Lining Up For Coffee For These

There are two things that Christmas time brings everytime, without fail—Jose Mari Chan’s iconic "Christmas in our Hearts" and Starbucks’ annual sticker-collecting tradition.

But unlike Jose Mari Chan’s unrelenting and never-changing classic, this year, Starbucks has something different and big planned.

Every year, Starbucks releases their Christmas Planner Promotion, where patrons are given a sticker for every Starbucks beverage that they buy. These stickers can then be exchanged for the next year’s planner. And every year, Starbucks releases different styles, variations, and sizes, capturing the holiday spirit and Starbucks’ signature whimsy.

This year, however, they’re not only releasing two variation to their planners—they also have two travel organizers to choose from!


Starbucks Travel Organizer


The new Starbucks Travel Organizer comes with a smaller, pocket-sized notebook, perfect to keep your travel itineraries and notes, and a leather-finish zipper-closure organizer to keep your personal belongings close! The organizer has pockets for cards, and could even hold your smartphone, earphones, and a pen.



The Travel Organizer comes in two colors: dark teal and sienna. Fashionable enough for your OOTDs and snaps, and handy enough to keep with your person at all times!



2019 Starbucks Planners

Their classic 2019 Starbucks Planners do not disappoint as well, and come in quirky designs with metallic gold and copper stamping for that extra glam feel. Inside, the planner is even quirkier and more colorful, with pages that inspire creativity and good vibes.



The hardbound planners are available in either Espresso (brown) or Milk (white) variants. They also come with a canvas pouch with the sleek Starbucks logo.



Each planner and organizer comes with a limited edition Starbucks Card that are definitely collector-worthy. The four Special Edition Starbucks Cards are the Coffee Cup Marks card, Siren’s Crown card, Siren’s Hand card, and Siren’s Tail card, and can be activated with a minimum amount of P500.



How to get one

Like the previous years, all you need to do is collect 18 Starbucks stickers from November 2, 2018 to January 7, 2019. But this time, it’s a tad bit easier to collect ’em all since the 18 stickers can be any tall, grande, or venti Starbucks handcrafted beverage. No need to collect X numbers of holiday drinks or teas!

Up to two paper promo cards can be combined to make for the 18 stickers needed to redeem a planner or organizer. But if you’re more of the techie kind, you can now also start collecting stickers using the Starbucks Philippines Mobile App. Using the app, you can collect e-stickers on your e-promo card, which is tantamount to a paper promo card. Collect 18 and you’re in for the treat, as well.

If you’re looking forward to the holiday celebrations at Starbucks, they’re bringing back two holiday favorites: the Peppermint Mocha and Toffee Nut Crunch Latte, all available hot, iced, or frappuccino. They’re also introducing a new drink that we’re eager to try out: the Snowy Cranberry White Mocha, which is made with Starbucks’ signature espresso, steamed milk, and a white chocolate sauce. With these delicious limited edition concoctions and Starbucks’ signature coffees, how can one resist?

How many Starbucks planners and organizers do you think you’ll be able to collect this year?


Styling and photos by Jovi Figueroa