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The Starbucks 2020 Planners And Travel Organizers Are Here’s why it’s a must-have!

It’s all a frenzy as everyone anticipated the reveal of Starbucks 2020 planners and organizers—and finally, it’s here! Every year, the brand strives to make their paper products better, and this year’s version definitely did not disappoint. With six new key features, every one who grabs one is in for a treat. Here’s what we love about it—from its embossed cover and pretty colors, down to its eco-friendliness while maintaining premium quality.

Sticker collection starts on November 2 and ends on January 6, which gives you around two months to complete the 18 stickers needed to snag a copy of your choice of planner or organizer. And so the merry coffee sipping begins! 

The first highlight is its packaging, with embossed designs iconic to Starbucks. Perfect as a gift for a loved one or for yourself, the brand made unboxing the planner a visual delight.

And with today’s millennial crowd, making it Instagram-worthy is just as important, thus the four Philippine exclusive colors in Berry Pink and Frost Gray for the planners and Neo Mint and Coffee (top pick!) for the travel organizers.

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And it’s not just ‘gram worthy, as the planners also come in a suede pouch. Also notice the zipper pull with the Starbucks Siren logo. Stylish, yes?

Eco warriors will rejoice in the brand’s effort in joining the sustainability movement, using purely natural substances coming from pre-consumer recycled cowhide fibers bonded by natural latex, which is a renewable green resource tapped from Hevea rubber trees, for these stationeries. They source the eco-friendly materials from leather factories based in Valencia, Spain, with a renowned tradition of artisanal leather tanning methods. The pages are green, too—which are produced with eco-friendly papers in a facility certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

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Fall more in love with its pretty covers, with embossed images of either the Siren head or tail, depending on your choice. The smooth, supple, and breathable leather surface gives a premium and elevated look.

And finally, what’s a planner without its accessories? Your choice comes with stickers, a bookmark, and tear-off vouchers that you can use throughout the year.

And those are just six things—here are some other things you’ll love about it:

The Planner

Every planner basically have the dates to note page, and the Starbucks 2020 planner does, too. But what’s special for this year’s edition comes after you flip that specific page—and you’re greeted with the dates to remember. It comes in a grid with the important dates of the year, plus space for other dates of every month that are special for you. We love how this feature makes it personal. 

As you jot down your to-dos and take note of important meetings and reminders, you’ll find pages that gives you a glimpse of the wonderful world of coffee discovery, featuring its compelling journey from bean to cup.

The edge of the pages comes with monthly markers, too, so you’re never lost.

On special dates, there’s a greeting that await you, or a short message that encourages you to celebrate. One of our favorites? The Earth Hour reminder on March 28.

And for those who love bullet journaling or BuJo, the last few pages of the Starbucks planners are dedicated for the list-loving, creative junkie in you.

The Travel Organizer

With the people on the go in mind, the travel organizer is made better with functional details perfect for the busy crowd. The 2020 edition goes crazy on compartments, with several card slots, slots for your passport and mobile phone, and a pen pocket. 

The mini notebook carries three page formats—the grid, dotted grid, and plain, all ideal for every kind of journaling. So whether you’re into free-form doodling or careful tracing, you have a space for whatever note-taking mood you’re in.

Now, don’t you feel the urge to grab a cup and complete the stickers? 2020 does look good, just like these planners and travel organizers. It’s time to start the collection!