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Survive Ghost Month With These Feng Shui Life Hacks

Not everyone believes in the concept of Ghost Month, but there's no harm in being extra cautious as the month spirits into our calendars.

Ghost month runs from August 10 to September 11, with the height of its festivities beginning on the 14th or 15th day from its start—which means peak day is usually August 25. Ghost month is generally practiced by Asian countries, among them Hong Kong, Singapore, China, and even the Philippines.

It’s a time when spirits are allowed to roam the earth and move among the living. These hungry spirits usually have unfinished business, and are caught between the realms of the living and the dead. Many unfortunate events that happen during August are attributed to said spirits coming alive during the month, and wreaking havoc on the living through illnesses, accidents, financial turmoil, derailed relationships, and a general run of bad luck.



Everybody is said to encounter their fair share of mishaps— whether big or small—but fortunately, Feng Shui guru, Marites Allen, gave us the lowdown on what to do and what not to do, as well as tips on how to counteract the negative vibes and tread on the safer side of our spirited friends this Ghost Month.


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Dos and Don'ts


1.    Avoid yin places

Yin places are negative. If you can avoid wakes, funerals, hospitals or prison cells, do so. These places are filled with the yin energy and you will be affected by its energy.

If you have to, wear protective charms or medallions.


2.    Don't schedule major life events or big celebrations

Opening a business, getting married, signing contracts, holding housewarming parties or even moving into a new home should be put on hold because this is the time that spirits could get jealous of you.

If you really must do it, then be prepared for any eventualities that could arise as a consequence. For example, signing a contract. If it's possible to sign the contract before the official start of Ghost Month then it´s technically starting beforehand even if you attend your new work in the middle of it.


3.    Don't go out late at night

The spirits are very strong at that time. The energy of the moon gives them leverage. You should also avoid water as it's very bad, so stay away from swimming, scuba diving, etc.

While you're at it, don't go hiking, trekking, or camping either.


4.    Avoid scheduling major construction

Changing lightbulbs is okay but oiling squeaky doors or hinges should be taken care of as spirits are attracted to those sorts of things, but don't start on big changes.

You may ask, 'what if construction has already started before Ghost Month?’. That should be okay, just continue it after September though. Delay finishing during August.


5.    Don't sleep facing a mirror

It's a very good way to have spirits appear before you, so if you don´t want to get spooked, temporarily face your bed or your mirror somewhere else.


6.    Avoid wearing the color black

Black is a yin color so opt for the colors red, pink, or anything bright instead. But if you must wear black, wear mantra shawls with it to counteract the energy.


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The scarf has special mantras on it. Infinity, the lotus, the 4 leaf clover, everything is a mantra.

The configuration for the year 2018 has the auspicious number 9 so that´s why we launched the 9mantra shawl.



This has the universal symbol for good luck for the Chinese.



Although this is black, it has 8 auspicious symbols— hum symbol, infinity, wheel of fortune, the victory banner, the double fish. And inside, the lining is designed with coins, the elephant and the rhino, which is to stop you from losing money.


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7.    Avoid traveling far

If you can´t avoid traveling abroad, break up your travel time to short distances. Don´t book direct flights.

The energy inside the plane is a hodgepodge of energies from different people coming from different places, so it´s very yin.


8.    Don't kill rare insects

Insects are said to be manifestations of the spirits of loved ones or spirits in general.


9.    Don't hang clothes out to dry

Even toys of your kids should not be hung out there as they could end up possessing spirits.


10.    Don't engage in public displays of affection in dark open spaces

Again, this is to prevent ghosts or spirits from feeling jealousy.


11.     Don't say "ghost"

Instead refer to them as 'my friends'.


12.    If you happen to see coins in the street, don´t pick them up

'See a penny pick it up and all day long you'll have good luck,' right? Not during Ghost Month, as these coins could be offerings to spirits.


13.    Do burn incense or paper money as offering or lay out food

Incense is the food of the spirits. Inhaling these scents will appease them.


14.    Get rid of excess yin energies

You can cleanse your home with salt. Rock salt is a very good cleansing agent. Put it in a bowl and put in the corners of your home.

Also, if you'll be visiting yin places, bathing afterwards is advised. Calamansi is a good cleaning agent for yin energy so integrate this in your cleansing ritual.


15.    Keep living spaces clean and closed spaces well-lit

It's advisable to have enhancers around like water fountains because water trickling down creates positive energy. Playing good music or happy music is good, just so it's not too quiet.

Even if you're trying to keep your electricity at a minimum, do make sure you're paying attention to the dark places and lighting them.


16. If faced with an eerie presence, keep calm

Positive thinking will prevail. Tell yourself (and the spirit) that you're strong and you're not easily scared.

You can chant “hum, hum, hum” a powerful mantra.


17. Protect your front entrance

You can dangle mantras like the mystic knot to protect the home.


18. Wear protective mantras as much as you can such as the mantra bangles, charms, rings, pendants, etc.



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Hopefully, with these things in mind, all of us will be able to traverse the Ghost Month unscathed because the fact of the matter is, Ghost Month or not, life does go on, and we need to move forward with it.




For additional info and inquiries, follow Marites Allen on Facebook and Instagram as Feng Shui Queen or contact her through 09209509390.