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Tech-Savvy Girls Should Have This Pocket Printer In Their Bag

Cameras have really stepped up their game in the digital world with impressive specs in smaller packages—cramming in megapixels with other features like filters, color corrections and wifi connectivity. But recently we’ve seen a resurgence in cameras that revert to simpler mechanics such as  Fujifilm Instax and Polaroid that offer insta-prints, as well as portable photo printers that enable users to print from their mobiles, despite everyone heading digital (or maybe because of it).

The beauty of it is how people from different eras all find something irresistible with the novelty of printed photographs. Millennials and even the younger crowds are really starting to get creative with their photos, while the older generations have rediscovered the nostalgia in the old school way of doing things, once upon a time.

Sometimes though, no matter how fun these gadgets can be, the price point could deter people from indulging in the trend. It’s not much fun tallying how much every shot you take or print you make is costing. That’s like traveling and converting every price tag to Philippine prices, making it harder for you to buy or even eat anything while on vacation.

 Luckily, there are alternatives in the market that offer the experience sans the hefty price tag.

The Paperang Printer is a fun gadget that’s light on the pocket—literally and figuratively. It only uses thermal paper so you don’t have to worry about changing expensive cartridges frequently. You can choose from an array of thermal papers namely the normal paper, sticker paper, or colored paper. Some also have bordered paper in the mix of choices, but it’s not as easy to come by.

While it only prints in black and white, this isn’t such a drawback for those who are looking for Foto-Me like pictures, complete with film-grain feels.

What you can print isn’t limited to photos. You can also instantly print out to-do lists, gift tags, puzzles, or even start printing your journal entries and stick it on your planners or scrapbooks. In a pinch, you can even print out a calling card to hand out to acquaintances.



All you need is a mobile phone with Bluetooth connection, and a little bit of creativity to make this little gadget work for you.


Paperang Bluetooth is available on Shoppee. Prices vary from seller to seller, starting from P1,900.