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Here's How You Can Join 'The Crawl: New York' Viewer Promo

New York is on the top of many people's travel bucket list, and it's easy to understand why. The concrete jungle not only has vibrant street scenes, scenic landscapes, and spectacular architecturally significant buildings, it has an exciting culinary scene, too! Many consider New York as a melting pot in that different cultures thrive in the city.

Countless films and TV shows have been shot in NYC, but it's so visually and culturally rich that there's so much more to discover about it every single time. That's why, Metro Channel's travel-food show The Crawl's next destination is the Big Apple. 


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Photo from Anthony Delanoix from Unsplash


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The best news is that you can join this epic gastronomic experience, too! 

One lucky viewer and his/her companion will get a chance to win a trip to New York City between July 18-25, 2019 and join in one of the taping sessions of The Crawl New York City.

Here's how you can join:

1. Log on to to view the full article on The Crawl NYC.

2. Log on to to join and register.

3. Answer the promo question "Which Restaurant would you like to try in NYC and why? And why should you be chosen to go to New York City for The Crawl NYC?” Are you available to travel between July 18-25? Justify your answer."

4. Upload a photo of you and your chosen companion.


The promo runs from May 15 - June 20, 2019. Hurry up and join now!


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Photos from Unsplash