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The Craziest Splurges Of Real-Life Crazy Rich Asians

Your hundred thousand-peso designer bag will weep leathery tears if placed side by side with these ridiculously expensive purchases made by the wealthiest people in Asia. 

Shirley Bassey must’ve called all the big spenders to come out of their mansions and yachts to spend on another knick knack for their outlandish collection of gold-plated everything.

Here, we’ve arranged the items from least shocking to most eye-popping:


An Auctioned Antique Cup

Yes, a cup. The thing traditionally used for drinking tea or coffee. But unlike our regular cup, this particular one is a 500-year-old chicken cup that antique collector Liu Yiqian brought home for a whopping 35 million dollars.


Lui Yiqian and his Ming Chenghua Chicken Cup | Photo from Sotheby's


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An 11-Million Dollar Wedding

Sure, no biggie. Every father only wants what’s best for his daughter, especially on their wedding day. 

Xing Libin, chairman of Sanxi Coal Mining Corporation in China, just went overboard a tiny bit. He spent 11 million dollars to pay for private jets for ferrying wedding guests, secure accommodations at ritzy venues like the Marriot, Ritz and Hilton, and to pay a dowry in the majestic form of six Ferraris. 


Photo by Joey Banks from Unsplash


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A Name Permanently Written in the Sand

If you’re fond of writing your name in the sand with a cute little stick you found lying along the shore, Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan likes the quaint little practice as much as you do. But being a member of Abu Dhabi’s royal family comes with perks. The prince bought an island called Al Futaisi, and carved his name “HAMAD” deep in the sand. The carvings were so deep that they eventually became waterways. 

And what’s the prince’s reason for doing this? He simply wanted to make his name visible from all the way to the moon. 



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A Million-Dollar Puppy and Golden Watches for Dogs

Since acquiring an incredibly rare Tibetan Mastiff has been a symbol of wealth in China, more and more Chinese people buy one for their own household. 

But a certain property developer in China bought not just one, but two mastiffs. Wonder how much it cost him? 4 million dollars! Surely, they should come with an extensive trick library that includes more than just the usual fetch, sit, and play dead, right? Not necessarily. 

And while we’re discussing dogs, 27-year-old Wang Sicong, son of one of the richest men in China, got his husky, Coco, a golden Apple watch for each paws. Why? To measure canine heartbeats? Count how many times he barked the whole day? It’s a mystery. 



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A Haircut

If spending five thousand pesos for a haircut and a blow-dry session at your favorite salon makes you a bit guilty, wait till you hear how much the Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah spends on his haircut.

The Sultan flies a barber from London to Brunei just to keep his mane looking good. He pays nineteen thousand U.S. dollars for airfares and upscale accommodations to make sure that his barber doesn’t obtain any infections or viruses during his stay in Brunei.



Brunei's Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah salutes during a ceremonial guard of honour

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Thumbnail photo from IMDB | Banner photo by Fancy Crave from Unsplash