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"The Crown" Season 2: Insecurities, Intrigues And Great Fashion

Even a queen feels insecure sometimes. At least that is what the new season of Netflix's "The Crown" suggests, as it re-imagined the scenes leading to the meeting of Jacqueline Kennedy and Queen Elizabeth II.

The state dinner that turned into a fashion showdown at Buckingham Palace in 1961 had been documented in history. The elegant Jackie Kennedy wore a light blue shantung gown by Chez Ninon, while the queen, decked in diamonds and sapphire, wore a royal blue tulle gown.


"I just think that one doesn't want to feel second best” said a threatened young queen, asserting her point to the designer of the royal family, as she prepares to meet the admired first lady in the Golden Globe award-winning drama.


Fashion has taken a significant role in the lavish royal production that chronicles the early life of Queen Elizabeth II. This was executed in impressive detail, from the historic wedding to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburg, to the re-creation of her coronation in season one of the show.


Season two takes us closer to what happens behind closed doors, into the turbulent years of the marriage of the royal couple. Reprising the role as Prince Philip is Matt Smith. Claire Foy plays Queen Elizabeth II, who received a Golden Globe best actress award for her performance in season one.


The two lead stars reveal to Metro.Style that unlike the first season's anticipated epic scenes, season two is more knuckling down with their day jobs while maneuvering through the obstacles in their marriage.  Set between 1956 to 1964, it was also a changing time in fashion. According to costume designer Jane Petrie, "There was a very big difference in early-mid 50’s and early 60’s. All the small details. It shows the passage of time."


The characters who have played the role for two seasons admit they prefer the costumes in the first season. Smith tells, "I have an affinity towards the first because there’s classiness. There’s Carrie-grantness to it.” While Foy says, "The Queen gets lost in the 60’s. Doesn’t know whether she’s coming or going like the silhouette of what she’s wearing. She just becomes quite confused which we have to observe because that is sort of the case I think.”


The Crown season two puts a spotlight on the royal rebound of the “royal rebel” Princess Margaret, after her sister the queen forbade her engagement to a divorced man. Vanessa Kirby, says that the princess, who was a fashion icon during her time, is opposite the queen in every way. Kirby says fashion was a means of expression for the tragic princess, "You’ll know what she’s feeling inside cos Margaret does that. The Queen doesn’t really express herself with her clothes."


The historical drama does not debut until December 8, but followers of The Crown have already chosen their favorite fashion moments. The irony is that despite the many glamorous costumes in the show, Foy chose the queen’s most rugged look as her favorite. She says “I am a walking fashion faux pas. I like the wellies and the headscarf.”


Kirby says her favorite scene had been sadly deleted, “There was this amazing red dress, but the scene’s not in the series anymore, but yeah it was this really cool bright red, little 60’s shape, 60’s pattern, really bold.”

This is the last season for all three actors, and as much as they want to take home souvenirs, Foy says they were told they need it all for the next season. She says "We didn’t get anything." Smith adds, "Not a sausage."

As they hang their crowns and make way for the next generation of royals, they can’t help but think of the cast of season seven (the planned final season) who will be the lucky ones to walk away with the whole wardrobe.