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Here’s How to Shop Smart For Your New Car

In the market for a safe, stylish car? Get the answers to your questions at the online Live Launch of the New Toyota Wigo on June 15.

As a wise consumer, you do your due diligence: You make sure your clothes are sustainably made, your beauty products are free from harmful ingredients, and your food is packed with healthy nutrients. You read labels, scour the Internet for reviews, and ask experienced friends for advice. You consider every angle, even when shopping for the most prosaic products. So, when it comes to purchasing a new car you’re ready to take all the necessary steps to make a smart decision.  

To help you manage the deluge of information that tends to overwhelm the car shopping experience, here are some guidelines on what considerations to prioritize.



Top of the smart car shopper’s mind is safety. Not only does a safe vehicle ensure you and your passengers arrive to your destination without incident, but in this New Normal era, it protects you from exposure to health hazards that you would be more vulnerable to on public transportation or ride shares. Of course, structural soundness, braking systems, and seatbelts are all a part of a car’s safety rating. But shoppers should also consider the speed of a car’s locking system, the user-friendliness of its rear view mirrors, and the presence of a camera.


In addition to protecting you, a car should make your life more convenient.When evaluating how its functionality fits in with your day-to-day needs, think about everything from how smoothly the vehicle will interact with your city’s traffic, to whether the car has a push start system that will prevent you from locking your keys inside. A major aspect to take into consideration, therefore, is the digital technology that comes with the car -- including back sonar for ease of parking, quick and keyless entry, and seamlessly integrated audio and visual components.



A discerning car owner also takes into account whether the look of their vehicle is suitable to their lifestyle. Because drivers and their lives are multifaceted, it is best to go with a car model that can express a variety of characteristics. Sleek, functional models tend to showcase their driver’s stylishness, without taking away from professionalism.


Especially when it comes to big-tag items, a smart shopper always reviews their budget. Be sure to purchase a vehicle that you can commit to financing, without having to break the bank. That said, affordability does not start and end with price of the car. You must also consider fuel economy. Getting as much mileage as possible out of a tank of gas will benefit your savings down the line.


Before making a decision to buy a car, it is essential that you see it in action. However, because of quarantine restrictions, this can be a challenge.

Thankfully, Toyota is inviting the public to its first ever online Live Launch, featuring the New Wigo. First introduced in 2014, the Wigo has gained traction as one of the most sought after city-friendly vehicles with its efficiency and effortless driving. The car -- and the launch -- are perfect for shoppers who put a premium on safety, convenience, and budget. Not only does the New Wigo embody these priorities, but attending the Live Launch from home will protect you from the potential health risks of an in-person event. Virtually experience what could be your New Wigo at 4:30pm on Monday, June 15. Join the launch on Toyota Motor Philippines’ Facebook page.