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The Power Plant: Still Rock-ing Well

The expansion of Rockwell's Power Plant is a heady play of current satisfaction and giddy anticipation. There's no other way to treat this 'new' wing; as when I got to speak with Rockwell Land's Lisa Gomez, there's as much to look forward to as there is to enjoy right now. Power Plant has never been one of your giant Malls, but rather a niche decent-sized one of some 41,000 square meters of leasable space, with variety and quality the lasting impression made. In maximizing what exists within the limited space, they've now added some 5,000 square meters. Beyond the relocating of shops and eateries that already existed in that wing, we now have exciting new concepts in both Retail and in Food. 

Din Tai Fung's Xiaolongbao Bar


I've written about the new Wholesome Table; and also already open is Din Tai Fung's Xiaolongbao Bar. Nespresso has their first free-standing store; and Harlan+HoldenDine has taken over the Rockwell Glasshouse. What did get me excited was Lisa explaining what the Grid Food Market will be all about: it's finely selected chefs coming up with food concepts in stalls. The likes of Gaita Fores doing Italian street food, Bruce Ricketts doing Mexican, and Elbert Cuenca offering Japanese steaks. The Rambla boys, Txanton, Nicco Santos were other names mentioned. 

For the fashionable Man, Signet

Assembly at Rockwell's new wing


Othello, where Art meets Fashion


At the Fashion Alley, Patty Ang's atelier, and Comme Ci

For your home needs, Touch of Craft


For the fashion-conscious gentleman, there's Signet and Assembly, the latter also carrying Women's Fashion. And the women can go euphoric with the new shops to explore: Othello is the new concept from Joanna & Raul Francisco - a mix of Fashion and Art. Comme Ci! is Fashion & Accessories from the Cura V girls. Patty Ang opened her store, and Vania Romoff is waiting in the wings. Tim Tam Ong now has a Rockwell store, and home accessories can be found in the pop-up Touch of Craft. 


The new Chapel on the 5th Level


And you know how crowded the Masses at the L-shaped Rockwell chapel would be? Well, on the 5th floor, we can find the new Chapel of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Also on the 5th level is the soon to open Rockwell Events Place, that can hold up to twice the number of people the old Rockwell Tent could accommodate. 

Over the next two months or so, the still boarded up spaces at the new wing should open, and there's really much to be excited about, and look forward to. So, what are we waiting for?


Photos by Philip Cu-Unjieng

Cover image from Power Plant Mall official website