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The Secret to Queen P’s Flawless Travel Selfies–Revealed!

Travel selfies are all over Facebook and Instagram. Anyone who has crossed local and international borders is guilty of snagging every photo opportunity they can take especially if it's in front of a renowned landmark–let’s say, for example, the iconic Shibuya crossing in Tokyo.



Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach is no exception. She admits to falling into the bait and is quite addicted to taking selfies anywhere she goes. For someone who is well-travelled like her, it is very important (note the emphasis on the word "important") to take the best travel photos because for one, trips sometimes don’t last long, and photos are the only way we can go back to these destinations. Admit it, her selfies make us want to go wherever she is and silently pray we could look a little bit regal like her.



Her secret? Huawei’s latest flagship smartphone.

They recently launched their newest P20 series, highlighting professional, flawless photography–which our resident beauty queen globetrotter loves. “It’s easy to look beautiful and photogenic, using the P20; It’s just amazing how effortless it is to take great pictures with the camera, like you never have to worry about any bad shots at all,” Pia quipped.



A frenzy of people was spotted at the atrium of Mall of Asia last April 28 and they have gone absolutely crazy about the sale of Huawei’s latest innovation. The series’ FullView HD display is tempting enough already but its incredible imaging capability is, arguably, the focal point of the uproar.



The P20 is equipped with a 12MP + 20MP dual camera and a 40MP + 20MP + 8MP triple camera system.

“When I look at what the P20 can produce, I’m just like, wow I can’t believe it was shot on a phone,” Pia added. She has found a trusty, travel companion in the form of a lightweight smartphone that is highly reliable when it comes to accentuating her already flawless beauty.


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Photographs by Marie Francia