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My 2018 Oscars Forecast: The Shape of 3 Billboards

It's officially on! The Oscars race has begun, with the nominations announced earlier today. And let's face it, this is the big one! A Golden Globe and SAG win are great, but they're mere feathers in the cap compared to an Academy Award win. An Oscar is like pulling excalibur out of the stone, it's the frigging crown. To prefix your name with Oscar Winner defines you forever, no matter how many 'lemons' you make after the win. Right, Halle Berry? Actor, actress, director, cinematographer, screenplay writer, costume & makeup designer, film & sound editor, and so on, no matter what they may publicly proclaim, an Oscar is what they would love to possess as a mantelpiece.

And so why do I call this article The Shape of 3 Billboards? Well, given how the nominations shaped up, it looks like these two films are primed to dominate Oscars night. Jimmy Kimmel hosts the 90th Academy Awards on March 4, (March 5, early morning, Manila time); and I'll take you through the major categories with:

A.) My prediction, and when applicable, B.) The outside chance, and C.) The where'd they go A.K.A. the Oscar snub. 


So here goes:


Best Picture

a. The Shape of Water, because it's the safer choice given composition of the Academy members - they're old, remember how The Artist won in 2012? Set in the 1960's against Cold War hysteria, it's got nostalgia, that fairy tale element Del Toro excels in, and it's a 'siokoy' E.T., with more mature underlying themes.

b. The Post - for some of the same reasons as Shape plus it's Spielberg, Streep, and Hanks.

c. Where is Florida Project?




What do you think of the #OscarNoms for Best Director?

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a. Guillermo Del Toro

b. Not really with a chance in hell, but good to see Gerwig recognized. She's only the 5th woman director to get nominated.

c. Why no Martin McDonagh for Three Billboards?


Original Screenplay

a. Take your pick, Shape or Three Billboards.

b. Get Out or Lady Bird, as it's only here that they may claim a win.


Adapted Screenplay

a. James Ivory, thanks to name recall and heritage.

b. Sorkin for the same reasons.


Actor in a Leading Role


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a. Oldman, and it's about time! More than Air Force One which was him coasting, I loved him in Leon: The Professional, and as an unrecognizable Rastafarian in True Romance

b. Daniel Day Lewis because it's supposed to be his last film ever!

c. No Tom Hanks!


Actress in a Leading Role


Who's your favorite for the #Oscars Best Actress nomination?

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a. Frances, it's been 22 years since Fargo. And she's now won Oscar, Golden Globe, Emmy, and Tony in her storied career

b. Sally Hawkins is truly great in Shape but it's tough to be up against Frances.


Actor in a Supporting Role


What do you think of this year's #OscarNoms for Best Supporting Actor?

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a. Sam the Man for this one and no one is even close. The arc of his character is nothing short of miraculous in how we are convinced!

b. Defoe is great in Florida, but you're pushing against a Rock-well.


Actress in a Supporting Role


What do you think of this year's #OscarNoms for best supporting actress?

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a. Janey takes it home for clean sweep of all award shows

b. Still Janey.

c. Hong Chau in Downsizing is actually great!


Animated Feature Film 


a. Coco for the win

b. Loving Vincent


Foreign Language Film


a. The Square because it won at Cannes

b. A Fantastic Woman, because it features a cross gender leading woman-man.




a. Van Hoytema for Dunkirk

And significant here is how Rachel Morrison is the first woman nominated in this category!


The other categories are all technical in nature, and there are the categories for Documentaries and Short Films. The one category we do invest in, depending on if we had a chance to watch the nominated films is Original Song (Remember La La Land?) —and this year, songs from Mudbound, Call Me By Your Name, Coco, Marshall, and The Greatest Showman. Look to "This Is Me" from Showman to compete with "Remember Me" from Coco for the statuette.


And that's a wrap! Will let you know how right or wrong I am come Post-Oscars.


Cover image, a screengrab from Making an Oscar® statuette on YouTube