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The Truth and Lies Told by Astrology

Astrologer Monica Lopez Gamboa shares the facts and fictions behind the controversial study

“[Astrology]‘s objective has never been to predict the future, but to show us a mirror of who we already are.”
“[Astrology]‘s objective has never been to predict the future, but to show us a mirror of who we already are.” | Photo: Pixabay

Years after the study of planetary movements was born, astrology has since become a tool equipped by many for purposes vast and varied including attempts to predict success in romance, career, and more. To the growing many, it has become the best way to understand why we are the way we are—why some of us are more emotional than others, or loud and impulsive or extremely difficult to please. While skeptics are right in their argument that astrology cannot show us our destinies, authentic and genuine astrology has never claimed to be able to. Its objective has never been to predict the future, but to show us a mirror of who we already are.

The genesis of astrology lies in ancient history where Babylonians first studied and took note of the cycles to help them decide the best time and weather to plant, to reap, and to sow. Since then, the study has developed and evolved into something else. In this day and age, when we think of astrology, we think of our daily and weekly horoscopes. Monica Gamboa, a Filipino astrologer, shares, “When astrology apps were released, I was a bit skeptical because everyone started reading their horoscopes every day and making a big deal out of it. As an astrologer, I don’t determine how every single day will go based on my horoscope. As someone who loves the stars, I let it go and enjoy what happens.”

This left me with a quiet curiosity: So, when are we supposed to read our horoscopes? Monica is quick to appease me and enthuses, “I would say about twice a month during the moon cycles. New moons show us where to start while full moons tell us what to let go of which, in a way, symbolize endings.” In my attempt to understand this better, she adds, “Actually, moon signs change every two and a half days which suggests times to do certain activities. For example, if the moon is in Gemini which is the sign that rules communication, it would be highly suggested to do related activities such as writing.” Monica reminds us that astrology is merely like a weather report—it can tell you when it’s rainy, but it’s your choice to bring an umbrella. She explains it a bit clearer, “[In astrology], we don’t see what happens but rather it’s seeing the energy and the clues it could potentially give us.” 

“As someone who loves the stars, I let it go and enjoy what happens,” says Monica Gamboa
“As someone who loves the stars, I let it go and enjoy what happens,” says Monica Gamboa | Photo: Jo-B Sebastian

Think of astrology as a mirror—which actually reveals nothing except what is already there. It’s meant to reflect what is already happening and show us what we may already know and are aware of, but are not able to easily realize. In each astrology reading that Monica holds, she uses numbers and birth charts to help us see our darkest sides and who we can be at our most beautiful. She explains that there are three foundations: our sun which points out our life purpose, our moon which explains how we best care for ourselves, and our rising which can tell us how we relate to others. Other interesting notes include Mercury showing us how we learn, Venus on how we love and Saturn symbolizing our life lesson or the cross we carry.

To further her advocacy of social justice, self-love, and mental health, Monica holds natal chart readings to help her clients understand their characters and personality, purpose and affirmation, and determine what comes easily and more difficult to them. While she’s still based in New York finishing her master’s degree in drama therapy at New York University, she meets with her clients from varying time zones and cultures over Zoom.

Apps for the Starry-Eyed


Apps for the Starry-Eyed

With the current climate of the world being filled with uncertainty and despair, we may find ourselves turning to studies like Astrology that can offer comfort and a sense of relief. “Astrology is a tool of radical self-acceptance,” Monica declares. In a society where we are often pushed and dictated how to act and simply be, self-love became harder and harder to practice. “It became my healing tool to find who I am. Growing up Catholic, I was conditioned to accept certain things without question. While we are the way we are because of how we are raised, we also have our own individualistic instincts. Yes, our environment and childhood shape us but we all have our own mission that is unique to us.”

Of course, just like any ever-changing scientific study, there is always room for error. Horoscopes are not meant to be the be-all and end-all of life. Humans are complex beings and we can’t merely justify actions and decisions by simply looking at the stars. I can’t say with full confidence whether astrology is real or fake, sometimes I feel like it’s both. But what I do believe is that astrology in its true essence doesn’t aim to be right, but rather extends a helping hand where we feel like we need it the most. 

Monica is teaching a 6-week beginners astrology course which begins on August 1. You can sign up for the course or book your natal chart consultation through or get in touch with her at

Lead photo by Anastasia Dulgier from Unsplash