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This App Will Calm You Down In A Stressful Situation—And Even Tell You Bedtime Stories

So, I’m listening to Calm app’s ‘Water Falling’ track by Kip Mazuy while typing this.

As an insomniac whose mental soundtrack swings wildly between complete silence and utter discord, I find that this app’s nature-based orchestra is quite relaxing and easy to get lost in. But will it also work for you?

Calm’s repertoire can be broken down into three main segments: Sleep Stories, short narrated tales to reenact your childhood memories of being read to at bedtime; Meditation, which are guided meditation techniques to help you manage stress, anxiety, insomnia, lack of focus, and the need for emotional self-care; and Music, a dedicated selection of instrumental tracks to help you to relax, fall asleep, focus, or enjoy the ambient sounds of nature.

After having tried several relaxation and mindfulness apps, I can see why Calm has become one of the highest-rated meditation mobile apps in the market. 

It’s purposeful.

From the moment you open it, Calm reminds you to take a deep breath before you explore its menu. It also encourages you to create your own user profile, so you can track your meditative performance over time.

It’s well-organized.

Calm’s library is simple and elegantly designed, with each subsection categorized according to your specific goals. Do you want to manage anxiety? Do you need to fall asleep faster? How about a little more focus? There are separate meditations and programs for all of that.

It offers plenty of options for your needs.

Whether you need to relax, beat stress, improve your resilience, boost your self-esteem, become more mindful of your body’s response to your current mental state, or you just need to get started on meditation, the app has a solution for it in various formats. It even offers an Emergency Calm program, which is a quick meditation session for when you feel completely overwhelmed.   

It tells stories.

One of Calm’s best features that sets it apart from other apps is Sleep Stories. It’s a collection of short stories with different narrators – Stephen Fry, anyone? – to help ease you into dreamland. There are also stories for kids, ASMR fans, and those who speak foreign languages.

It has a Masterclass.

I have yet to see another mindfulness app that goes the extra mile by offering bite-size wellness lessons like Calm’s Masterclass does. These lessons include helpful audio advice on mindful eating, overall health, managing depression, addressing social media usage and bad habits, and proper rest.

It has an available free version.

Although Calm is essentially a paid app for iOS and Android, you can use its 7-day free trial version to sample and save your favorite programs. The free version is already extensive, but you’ll get more features with the Premium version, which currently costs PhP2,450/year.

TIP: To save a track for offline listening later, open the library, select and play a track, tap on its icon at the left-hand side of the control bar at the bottom of the screen, then tap on the cloud icon at the upper right-hand corner. You’ll find your saved tracks in your phone’s file manager library.

Overall, Calm is a handy tool for helping you face life’s inevitable ups and downs with a clearer mind and a lighter heart. If it’s basic management for stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness that you need, this app is much cheaper than therapy, and can be just as effective.