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This Company Is Championing Sustainable Packaging In The Philippines

In its commitment to use at least 50% recycled content in their packaging by 2030, the Coca-Cola Company is taking strides towards this vision

We’ve told you before—we are in a climate crisis. Sea levels and global temperatures are rising, and it’s taken an angry 16-year old girl at the U.N. Climate Summit for many people to start listening. The Amazon Rainforest perished at the most alarming rate, and greenhouses gases on the planet are slowly reaching a point where it’s rendering the Earth unlivable. 

It’s important that consumers like us patronize companies and businesses that are making real efforts and real commitment to sustainability in order to help counter—or at least lessen—the effects of global warming. One company that is doing so is the Coca-Cola Company, who in 2018 made a commitment to collect and recycle all of the company’s packaging and to use at least 50% recycled content in their packaging by 2030.

The Viva! Eco-bottle is the first-ever food-grade plastic bottle made of 100% recycled material

In the Philippines, the company’s operations remain highly sustainable—we’re one of the very few countries that still make use of glass bottles. These glass bottles have continuously been collected, washed, and reused. On the other hand, Coca-Cola’s PET plastic bottles are now also completely sustainable. With the launch of the Viva! Eco-bottle,  the first-ever food-grade PET bottle made of 100% recycled material, the Company is steering its consumers and patrons towards creating a World Without Waste, a vision that Coca-Cola Philippines has been taking part of since last year.

200 plastic bottles were given a new life in the form of this bench

“We want to change the mindset of our consumers and help them discover the limitless possibilities when our PET bottles are properly collected and recycled. This Viva! RPET Bottle is just one of the examples of the things we can create if we all start seeing the value of our packaging,” shared Winn Everhart, Coca-Cola Philippines General Manager and CEO.

“We look forward to carrying the RPET bottle across all our brands, to help give our bottles new life, reduce our consumption of the planet’s resources, and to bring us closer to a World Without Waste,” he added.

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