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This Is The Accessory Every Responsible Pet Owner Needs

In one of my Instagram rounds of cute dog videos, this ad made its way to my feed. It might have been Instagram’s way of telling me I’ve looked at one too many videos for a day. Anyhow, I clicked the link and studied what exactly they were selling and I thought if I had a pet of my own (and not just preying on other peoples’ cute pups for my daily dose of cuteness), I would definitely get one of these.



This charming dog tag isn’t just there to make your dog pretty. Badge is a subscription-free dog tag that contains all your dog’s vital information, including your address and phone number in case he gets lost. By simply scanning the QR code from any smartphone, rescuers will be able to contact you and reunite you with your furry pal. It’s lightweight, waterproof, and has no batteries so it never goes off the grid.



Badge is sold at $13.95 but as of writing, there is an active sale so it comes down to only $9.95. It comes in many designs, guaranteed to fit your pooch’s style, so you don’t need to worry about mismatching.



Pets are family. Anybody who thinks otherwise shouldn’t be a pet owner. Pet responsibly—visit Pet Widget's website to order one now or simply know more about the product.


Photos from Pet Widget

Lead photo by Chris Clemente