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This Is Where Cool Girls Go To Beat Their Boyfriends In Sports

Playing darts is insanely addictive! Even to people who’ve never really thrown a dart in their life, it’s something they can actually be good at after a few dart ricochets to the floor.



The latest alternative to late night clubbing has hit BGC and it’s something you can still do while sipping cocktails with the girls or chugging beers with the guys. iDarts DASH is like an adult arcade, but with only one machine—an electronic dart board.





But don’t think that you’ll get bored playing on just one machine because it houses many mini-games (even drinking games!) that can all be played with darts! Organize a boys vs. girls game and see who takes the trophy home.



Before you panic at the thought of getting accidentally made into a target after a few drinks, these boards use soft tip darts, and you can actually win a set of three darts if you manage to score at least 400 points on a challenge. Upon winning a set, you also automatically get a Darts Live Card which houses your scores and rankings.



Another cool thing about this is that there are iDarts DASH in different countries as well and you can play even when you’re vacationing somewhere else or develop an overseas nemesis if your competitiveness can’t be contained.


iDarts DASH is located at the 4th floor in the Uniqlo Building on 7th Avenue Cor. 30th street, BGC, Taguig City. It opens 5pm from Mondays-Saturdays.