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This New Filipino-Designed Deck Of Cards Will Turn Wine Nights More Interesting

Have you ever wanted to get to know someone, but just didn’t know how to keep the conversation going? Let’s face it: small talk can be tiring. While there’s nothing wrong with talking about the weather, there’s only so much to say. And let’s not even get started with weight gain—seriously, it’s never okay to begin a conversation with that.

Miguel Luis Calayan, a Filipino filmmaker, photographer, and writer based in Amsterdam, feels the frustration. And that’s exactly why he designed So Cards—a collection of 52 questions for deeper discussions. “In my time as a documentary filmmaker, I often had to come up with ways to get people to open up within a limited amount of time,” he shares. “A lot of the questions I used in those moments are in this deck.”

Photo: So Cards

Photo: So Cards

Miguel Luis Calayan

Photo: Simon Gonzaga


Why a deck of cards?

Miguel believes that while people enjoy engaging in deeper conversations—it’s the process of getting there that’s intimidating and hard. So Card breaks the ice by creating a feeling of familiarity. A safe space for all. “If someone pulls out a question that is a bit too personal, then there’s no one to blame but the deck. Or me. You can definitely blame me,” he quips.

The cards are designed to be compact—you can literally carry the deck in your pocket and ask your significant other, friends, or even strangers to pull out a card! For best results, be honest, be vulnerable, and bring out a bottle of wine.


Photos: So Cards


So how does one play the game? It’s simple. Pick one card. Take turns answering. And take as much time as you want in answering the question. Aside from being a great drinking game, So Cards is also a great activity for couples, family, strangers, and even for self-reflection. 

From the thought-provoking (How does your life now compare to the life you imagined when you were a kid?) to the entertaining (If you were to be sent to prison, what do you think would be the most likely reason?), So Cards is sure to help you enjoy, and even get lost in a conversation. All night long.

So Cards from Miguel Luis on Vimeo.




Photo: So Cards


For as low as $15 (P796), you can have a deck of these proudly Filipino-designed cards shipped straight to your door. To order and know more about So Cards, visit Miguel’s Kickstarter page here. Make sure you place your orders by August 9, 2018 at 10 PM.