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Time To Head North Once Again As New Shops Open At Vertis!

The newest mall to hit the Northern part of the metro is Vertis, and not only does it offer new dining establishments, it offers some new experiences as well. A few weeks ago, we featured Japan Town at the 4th level of the mall, an area that caters to everyone’s Japanese cravings.


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But a few shops have opened up here and there, and we wanted to give you guys a glimpse of the shops you can find in the newest lifestyle mall of Ayala.





This active lifestyle store is huge! It probably has all the things you might need for your new hobby, or maybe not even need, but just want. Aside from their fair share of sport-driven merch, it has items that you can’t find anywhere else—like this new rubber shoes from Nike, the Nike React.

This model is not available in other retail stores that also carry the brand!




If you’re looking for a more extensive selection of your preferred brand, say, Reebok, it has opened its latest branch here too!

They have their featured shoes, the Flex Weave on display so you don’t have to look far to find a pair and try them on for size.




Looking for preppy clothes? Aigle is one store where you’ll find yourself ooh-ing and ahh-ing from their preppy collections from shelf to shelf, especially when you reach their corner for kids!





Anyone who’s a fan of the MMA world will get a kick out of this gym. They have world-class equipment and a very vibrant atmosphere to get your workout on. Don’t let the beauty of this place intimidate you as the people are more than happy to assist you in operating the machines you need to get in shape.

Did I mention there’s a real octagon here that looks straight out of your TV?


Miggy Lozada


Phoebe Ong




If you have those pesky alignment problems, muscle tension and all that, you can visit the newest Karada branch on the 3rd floor and avail of their chiropractic expertise.

Tip: Deal Grocer has some coupons available for some services in the establishment, so if you’re looking for a discount, you might want to head online first.




This dental clinic to the stars (like Liza Soberano, Piolo Pascual, Tony Labrusca, and Daniel Matsunaga, among others) has opened one of its newest branches on the 3rd level too, just beside Karada. Besides having your teeth cleaned and checked with its excellent dentists, you might even see a few celebs while waiting!





Crepe cakes, baked tarts, and yummy smoothies await you on the 2nd floor. When you’re done working up a sweat around the corner at the UFC Gym, you can head on over to Papermoon for a well-deserved treat.




If your craving is more of the savory kind, and you want to feast on a heftier fare, then go to Pound! They have amazing deals now for some of their bestsellers, and only in this branch.


Clockwise from top: Onion Cube, Pound Pomodoro, TE Slider, Goat Cheese Salad, Secret Slider, Truffle Ketchup Fries

$1 Dollar Deals! Each of the dishes above are only P50! This promo is valid only for dine-in at the Vertis North branch.


Scout’s Honor

Chocolate chip cookie


You might know this one from its cookie corner in Century Mall’s Hole in the Wall. But here in Vertis, they don’t just have the cookies you’re dying to sink your teeth in—they also offer meals!






Home and Living

Global Views


In this store, you will be wowed by the fancy furniture and fixtures that are mostly colored in gold (of course!). The pieces you’ll find here are classy, streamlined, and can almost pass as art because of the intricate craftsmanship that went into the items.



Home and Beyond

Just beside Global Views, you’ll find Home and Beyond, where the fittings are more for the every day people. They are equally beautiful, but I would say they’re more utilitarian as opposed to artistic.





ABS-CBN Vertis Tent

One of the latest ventures of ABS-CBN is the Vertis Tent, located just outside the front entrance to the mall. It was unveiled last November as one of the newest event places in the North. It’s now open to the public to hold live shows, exhibits, product launches, parties, etc.




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