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Find Out The Innovative Features That Make Vivo's APEX 2019 A Must-Have

Since landing in the Philippine shores a few years ago, smartphone brand Vivo continues to offer our market the latest in design and functionality. Adding to the roster of innovative products catering to this tech-savvy generation, the brand introduces an innovative 5G smartphone called the APEX 2019.


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What makes this phone a must-have? First is its sleek design that's perfect for every type of smartphone user—minimalist yet sophisticated.

Apart from its physical beauty, Vivo launches the APEX 2019’s Super Unibody Design, a feature that replaces buttons with Touch Sense technology which provides pressure-sensing and capacitive-touch. USB ports will soon be a thing in the past as the magnetic power connector called MagPort will serve as the phone’s charger. The Body SoundCasting technology also transforms the entire display into a speaker via screen vibration. 

Next up is the APEX 2019’s Full-Display Fingerprint Scanning technology. Imagine tapping your fingers anywhere on your screen, and it instantly lets you turn the device on or lead you to the app of your choice. It’s definitely a faster way to access your files, or take a seamless selfie.


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In terms of storage, the 5G concept phone runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 platform with a super-large 12GB RAM + 256GB memory, so you’ll never have to delete apps or large files that you need. Also, the Duplex PCB Design increases available space by 20%.

The brand is keen on taking the revolutionary route and dedicated on releasing more cutting-edge functions to cater to the market’s ever-changing needs.