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#WeAreEnough: "She Talks Asia" Brings Mental Health Into The Forefront Of 2019

Starting this month of March, She Talks Asia, the bi-annual summit for women’s inspired conversation, kicks off another exciting calendar of events, campaigns, and platforms. This year’s main dialogue tackles mental health and awareness, captured in their new hashtag #WeAreEnough.


From left: She Talks Asia founders Bianca Gonzalez, Iza Calzado, Lynn Pinugu, and Victoria Herrera welcomes media at Wholesome Table


Mental awareness and wellbeing, especially in the age of social media, have been hotly discussed in the past few years. For the ladies at "She Talks Asia," the topic was a natural progression from last year’s main dialogue #TheBodyLoveRevolution. “We realized that a lot of [the conversation last year] really connected with your mental well-being," says Lynn Pinugu, co-founder of "She Talks Asia." “There are just so many things that put pressure for women to be perfect. Not just to look perfect, but to actually be perfect. It affects the way you view yourself, and your mental health.”


Last year's Body Love Conference at "She Talks Asia"


Links between social media, anxiety, and depression, have been the subject of major research groups over the years; and unfortunately, it affects the youth more severely. Lynn adds, “[Depression] is a sickness that’s getting more prevalent, and I think if we can be part of the conversation—or the community—that promotes a healthier wellbeing, then I feel like that’s a space that we really want to contribute to.”

Of course, that’s not to say social media and the Internet are to be avoided at all times. Rather, it is a matter of distinguishing a healthy boundary between what is impossible idealization, to what is real. “I generally see [social media] as a positive platform," says Lynn, who is also the co-founder of Mano Amiga Philippines, a non-profit organization that aims to provide quality education for children. Social media was an integral part in helping to promote their advocacy; indeed, even at "She Talks Asia," social media has been a catalyst for spreading their positive message.


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But at the same time, if not properly understood, social media can amplify the sense of insecurity of some vulnerable minds, especially when they glance at seemingly perfect photos.

As the saying goes, Lynn shares, you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with, therefore the same applies to social media. “Part of the conversation [at ‘She Talks Asia’] is how to have a productive, and constructive relationship with social media. Because social media in itself is not bad; it’s really about redefining how we use it.”



Who’s excited for March 16? WE ARE! ????‍? The 3rd She Talks Asia Summit is happening on March 16, 2019 at The Globe Tower, BGC, Taguig City. This year’s theme: WE ARE ENOUGH will focus on strengthening one’s self-worth, nurturing healthy relationships, and overcoming barriers to personal success.? . Since we have limited seating, interested attendees will be asked to complete a brief “essay”, and ticket slots will be given to selected submissions. 100% of the funds we raise from the summit will go directly to our mentorship program for girls from low-income communities. ??‍?? . For more info click link in bio! Hope to see you there! ???? . #SheTalksAsia #SheTalksAsiaSummit #WeAreEnough

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The upcoming ‘She Talks Asia’ Summit will be held on March 16, with tickets available for purchase now. An estimated 30 guest speakers are expected to partake of the platform, including Rissa Mananquil-Trillo (Co-Founder of Happy Skin), Mich Dulce (designer, feminist advocate, and Founder of Grrrl Gang Manila), as well as celebrity superstar Judy Ann Santos.


Photos are courtesy of ‘She Talks Asia’