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Why Everyone Is Turning Their Profile Pictures Blue On Social Media

Last week, the rest of the world heard about the brutal events that occurred in Sudan. Since 1989, Sudan had been ruled by President Omar al-Bashir; after he imposed measures that limited access to basic necessities in December, he was finally ousted last April after pro-democracy protests from the people of Sudan. However, instead of achieving the democracy they had been fighting for, the 30-year dictatorship was replaced with a Transitional Military Council (TMC) ruling over Sudan.



This needs to be heard. By EVERYONE... The internet in Sudan has been blacked and blocked out in efforts to keep this vital and cruel information from the rest of the world. It makes my heart so heavy to think about the men and women in Sudan, being beaten, murdered, raped, and oppressed like this. Human beings. They are just like me and you. They want to live a good life, with their families and not be punished because of that. Nobody deserves this kind of torture and we need to show Sudan that we are here for the them and aware of the changes that need to happen. Women are being raped with their underwear publicly hung in the streets. Men being shot at with guns and not able to defend themselves...Children without their parents ..It really breaks my heart to think about that. This is happening in our world RIGHT now and we can not silence ourselves. This needs to get the attention that the people of Sudan deserve. I will be adding some websites to my story on how we can help. Donating or even just raising awareness helps, and if we all come together; we can make a difference. We love you and hear you Sudan. ???? This is not to blame anyone , this is to only help those in need. I love everyone in this world , we need to work together.

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On June 3rd, during a peaceful pro-democracy sit-in by protestors outside the military headquarters in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, military groups violently opened fire on the unarmed civilians, killing, raping, and harming a growing number of people.



We need to make noise about what is happening on #Sudan. Do not turn away. Do not look away. State sponsored massacres are happening. Please look to the helpers, and help. Spread the word. Call for action. call your representatives at 1-844-USA-0234. Demand that the world does something to stop this. #Repost @israspeaks ··· SUDAN. We are witnessing a massacre unfold before our eyes, while world leaders and the majority of media outlets stay silent. Those that are responsible for the murder, rape, torment, injury, and disappearance of thousands of innocent civilians will be held accountable in front of God. The world wept for an empty building in Paris, and yet can’t shed the same tears for the human rights violations of women, children and men yearning for freedom and democracy. You can help by amplifying the voices of those directly impacted and centering their narrative. Be an ALLY to our Sudanese brothers and sisters by donating to support the aid efforts on the ground (LINK IN BIO), sharing their stories consistently, and keeping them in your prayers. We need humanity to step up for the people of Sudan. Shout out to the incredible youth around the world who channeled their pain into art that is moving people in a way words cannot. Please tag people who are reporting information out about the crisis in real time that people should follow. Please tag orgs/ campaigns people can donate to. Paint social media blue by changing your profile pic to blue (last pic) in honor of @mattar77 who was killed standing up for justice. COMMENT A ?? BELOW IN HONOR OF MATTAR. Anything else I can do to be a better ally, please let me know. #SudanUprising #IStandWithThePeopleofSudan #sudan_internet_blackout #sudan #sudanrevolts #sudanmassacre #blueforsudan

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After the military crackdown, the Sudanese government shut down internet and phone services in Sudan to conceal their actions from the rest of the world—but Western news outlets eventually got wind of brutal events. Since information about the Sudanese crisis had been limited, people have taken to social media to spread the word.




Hence, the influx of blue on your feeds, which has become the symbol for solidarity with Sudan. Several celebrities have expressed their support, and used their fame to encourage the international community to take action. George Clooney even penned an essay on Politico, advocating for the people of Sudan and urging the US Congress to take action.





SUDAN ????

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The blue movement began following the death of 26-year-old Mohammed Hashim Mattar, who was fatally shot trying to help two women, and has since become the face of the cause. Since blue was his favorite color, and this particular shade was his profile photo on Instagram, #BlueForSudan started trending on social media to spread the news about the humanitarian crisis.



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How you can help Sudan

Currently, the Sudanese people are living in fear, several have been displaced, and South Sudan is on the brink of famine.


I don’t usually like to draw these comparisons, but this time it feels urgent. ????????? Minutes after it started burning, Notre-dame was splashed across front pages and all over news bulletins around the world. Within days, $1 billion was raised for restoration. Meanwhile, there’s a government led massacre in Sudan that has taken the lives of 500 innocent people (including children) and it’s barely receiving any news coverage. It’s heartbreaking to realize that architecture seems to have more value than human lives. ????????? @khaledbeydoun brilliantly wrote: “3 reasons why the Sudan massacres & humanitarian crisis aren’t receiving the global attention it deserves: 1) The victims are Africans 2) The victims are Black 3) The victims are Muslims” ????????? The media’s selective empathy is appalling. It is our duty to raise awareness. Go to this link to find out how you can help:

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There have been several initiatives launched to aid the people of Sudan, and here are some ways you can help:

  • created a petition demanding an investigation by the UN into the human rights violations that occurred on June 3rd. Sign here.
  • UNICEF is working to help the displaced children. Donate here.
  • Save the Children has been working with Sudan since 1984. Donate here.
  • The International Rescue Committee has been fighting malnutrition and helping those suffering from all the civil unrest in South Sudan since 1989. Donate here.
  • UK-based GoFundMe campaign (which Ariana Grande posted a link to in her Instagram Stories) is raising money for emergency medical aid following the crackdown in Sudan. Donate here.
  • A Facebook fundraising campaign seeks to provide food and medical care to the people of Sudan. Donate here.