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Why The New Toyota Vios Is The Upgrade You Need In Your Life

The 2020 release of the beloved sedan blends style and practicality in one stunning package.

Since the Toyota Vios was first introduced in 2003, it has been one of the most desirable cars on the Philippine market. And for good reason: With every Vios comes the high standard of quality, durability, and reliability that drivers and riders have come to expect from Toyota. The 2020 model stays true to these core values, ensuring the new Vios continues to be safe, comfortable, and easy to ply through city traffic; a trusty and dependable vehicle that truly embodies Toyota’s assurance  for Quality, durability and reliability—but it also includes exciting features that will upgrade your life in all the right ways.

A Stylish Facelift  

The 2020 Toyota Vios boasts a stunning update to its exterior. With its sporty facelift, all 9 variants of the new Vios now exude an ultra-cool modernity perfect for young Filipino professionals looking for a car that mirrors their own blend of stylishness and functionality.  

The fresh look features a more aggressive grille, which offers a touch of youthfulness and fun to the dependable model. Moreover, the sleekened headlights, which now stretch more thinly across the front of the car’s face, and wrap more lengthily around its sides, endow the Vios with a new depth of sophistication. The sides and back of the body have also undergone more intensive sculpturing in this new model, giving the car a dynamism that evokes speed, even when parked.

A Practical Driving Experience  

While the upgraded exterior of the new Vios is certainly captivating, what makes the beloved model a mainstay on roads throughout the Philippines is its functionality.  

Along with all the exciting changes to the Vios’s look comes the high standards of the previous model, including: a dual VVTI engine, which offers better fuel economy; hill start assist control, which gives drivers added support when on an incline; and for top variants, a keyless system, which makes entering and exiting the car a hassle-free experience, especially for young professionals whose hands may be occupied with gadgets, bags, and other necessities.

Also standard in this new release are airbags, an anti-lock braking system (ABS), and basic conveniences such as power steering, power windows, and power door locks.  

For drivers looking for a safe and practical car that upholds the trusted standards of the Toyota brand, the 2020 Vios will deliver above and beyond your needs.


Upgrade Your Lifestyle  

First-time buyers, especially, are sure to enjoy how the Toyota Vios will level up their daily lives. The class-leading sedan offers constant convenience for today’s young professional. For instance, if you’re part of your company’s skeletal workforce, you can enjoy the new Vios’s smooth and comfortable driving before and after office hours. Likewise, you’ll appreciate how the car’s fuel efficiency is even more cost effective now that traffic has lessened. Not to mention that during a time when health is of paramount importance, being in a well-equipped and dependable vehicle is a much safer option for transporting yourself and your loved ones.

Beyond the daily peace of mind that comes with the 2020 Vios, drivers will also delight in driving the elegantly sporty and impressively powerful 2020 Vios. This smart indulgence offers unparalleled practicality, as well as a sense of daily luxury. Simply put, it’s the best of both worlds.

Get an Inside Look  

To see the new Vios up close, view the online launch held last Saturday, July 25, on Toyota Motor Philippines’ Facebook page. For more details on the 2020 Vios’s exterior upgrades and interior features, head over to Toyota’s website.