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Why Maja Salvador And Zanjoe Marudo's Film, "To Love Some Buddy," Is A Must-See

Is falling for your best friend a good idea? Or, is it something you should avoid?

Directed by Jason Paul Laxamana, To Love Some Buddy is about two best friends who decide to finally start dating each other. Starring in their first movie team-up, Maja Salvador and Zanjoe Marudo truly made us feel the love!


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The story revolves around the friendship of Faith (Maja) and Julius (Zanjoe) as they fall in love and take the risk in leveling up their relationship. As best friends, the two are inseparable, spending their days enjoying each other’s company. They understand one another, always turning to each other whenever they experience problems on love, career, and family. Julius is always just a knock away whenever Faith experiences boy troubles, while Faith is always there to listen to Julius’ frustrations about work.

People around them start to wonder if the two are really just best friends or something more than that. Until finally, they decide to develop their relationship to being lovers, in hopes of strengthening their commitment to each other and, at the same time, growing up individually.


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Zanjoe and Maja during the media premiere of To Love Some Buddy


However, as their relationship evolves, obstacles arise. At the end of the film, viewers get to decide if leveling up one’s friendship is worth it or if it's something that should just be left with a "what if?" question.



The story of Faith and Julius is one that many of us can truly relate to. For those who fell in love with their best friend, for those who have been "friendzoned," and for those who are doing the best they can to hide what they truly feel. Hopefully, this film would answer the question: "Is it a good thing to fall in love with your best friend?"


To Love Some Buddy is now showing in cinemas nationwide.


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