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Will It Ever Be The Last Straw? — The World’s “No To Plastic Straws” Posts Get Noticed

Straws are only a handful in the pollutant plastic bunch, but they are perhaps the most familiar little pieces of plastic in daily life that we frequently come into contact with and endanger habitats and wildlife.  Online, countless campaigns or posts against single-use plastic have populated social media. 



A number of them about straws or other are cleverly creative whether as art, images, or simple innovative solutions that make so much more sense than throwing out single-use plastic tubes multiple times a week.  Here are a couple we’ve happened to spot.

  1. Stylist Magazine’s ciggy rendition of how dangerous to the world’s health straws actually are.  This post of the edition in print went viral real quick.


  1. Straws as Jaws (artist unknown)— We can still hear the music of that oh-so-classic ocean thriller when we look at this!  It’s coming to get us.


  1. Final Straw —  Reusable straws are a whole new ballgame.  They come in all sorts of different materials like metal, bamboo, rubber, and plastic you intend to keep.  Not all of them though are this portable and spiffy.


  1. Microplastic Pollution illustration by Adene — Known online for charming editorial illustrations, Adene’s message of imprisoned sealife behind plastic straws is a strong one.


  1. Pasta Straws vs. Plastic Straws —  It isn’t a protest, it’s an edible solution.  With longer lasting rigidity than paper straws and a more comparable feel to plastic, pasta straws make so much sense whoever thought of it first deserves a round of applause.

Will this be the last straw? Juices, iced lattes and even cocktails are being slurped through a new breed of eco-straw: raw pasta. The long tubes are an ideal environmentally-kind solution, say local cafe and bar owners. Tom Rodger introduced pasta straws to his Seller Door cafe in Brighton about three weeks ago “to huge positive feedback”. He said the move was in response to many customers so passionate about the environment that they bring their own metal straws. “We’re always looking for sustainable solutions,” he said at the health-conscious cafe, where re-usable bamboo straws are still used for dine-in thicker smoothies. Pasta straws are ideal for takeaway cold drinks. Lucie Pike enjoys using pasta ‘straws’ at The Seller Door in Brighton. Picture Tait Schmaal @thesellerdoor_brighton #reusable #sustainable #straws #drinks #pasta #pastastraws #environment #environmentallyfriendly #ecostraw #cafe #adelaide #southaustralia @luciepike

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