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What Are You Most Willing To Give Up This Season Of Lent?

A little sacrifice goes a long way.

Sometimes, we think that since we’re all too exhausted after a day’s work, we make ourselves believe that we deserve to eat whatever we want and act however we want. Although this might be partially true (says the girl with unimaginable working hours), a lot of us forget to slow down.

The Lenten season is the perfect time to take a step back and re-evaluate our way of life. Not to mention, this could also be a great time to lift off some weight both from our bodies and our minds.

Apart from the usual meat we try to avoid on Fridays, here are a few more things we can let go of even just for this season of recollection.



1. Social Media

Sounds like torture, right? Not a minute goes by where we don’t check our social networking sites. We often forget the more important matters in front of us as we have become too attached to our phones and other gadgets. But what is the harm of staying away from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram even just for a few days?

Take this time to give yourself a social media detox. No fake news. No cold digital stares from your “friends.” No pressure posting of your recent luxurious vacation at the beach. Focus more on the things around you, those you can hold just by reaching out your arms—just like old times.



2. Soda and Sugary Drinks

That little devil of a fizzy drink is always tempting to open on a scorching day under the sun. But really, all that sugar for a temporary gratification? Just imagine the amount of sugar that will swim down your throat after you take a gulp. A 12-ounce soda bottle contains 39 grams of sugar and I think that’s enough to make you put down that cold treat you’re holding. It’s a little hard, I know, but we have to start somewhere, right?



3. All that Junk in your pantry

Who can resist the salty, crispy, mouthwatering taste of comfort? I sure can’t but I’m willing to control myself from grabbing that big bag of chips staring right at me. Doughnuts, chips, cookies, that big tub of ice cream, and a bucket of your favorite fast food chicken sound like a good idea but, man, they could really be mean. We know you already know the risk factors, but we just want to make it clear—they aren’t your healthiest options. If they mean so much to you, try this Holy Week to test your endurance and not eat any junk at all. It could make a big difference in the way you see your food intake.



4. Use of Plastic

If there is a fitting term for the current state of plastic consumption in the world right now, neighboring planets would probably dub us as “planet plastic.” Learning how much plastic waste pollutes our world is disheartening and scary at the same time. The least we can do to help preserve our planet is to lessen, if not completely avoid, our use of plastic-made objects like straws, cups, and containers. Instead, we can opt to use wood or stainless-steel alternatives to replace our plastic usage. If each of us starts eliminating plastics from our daily lives, imagine how much breathing space we can save for the next generation. This could be the best thing that we can say good-bye to, not just for this Holy Week but for the rest of our lives.