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Wonder Woman In Manila? We Say Yes To That!

Manila just increased its chances of becoming a possible setting for future Wonder Woman productions. 

The groundbreaking comic book series recently released Wonder woman #37, Children of the Gods Part 5, which features electrifying action scenes between Wonder Woman and DC comics super baddie Darkseid. The epic battle takes place in none other than Metro Manila — in Ortigas, to be exact!


Image from Wonder Woman #37 by DC Comics 


Cultural references every Filipino will recognize dot the panels of this  sequence: jeepneys (and jampacked roads), the historic statue of Our Lady of EDSA, the Robinsons Galleria mall, an Ortigas Avenue sign board, and even Filipino bystanders that choose to document the destruction with their mobile phones rather than run for their lives. 

Bringing their talent to the world stage, Filipino artists Carlo Pagulayan, Stephen Jorge Segovia, Romulo Fajardo Jr., and Jason Paz are to thank for these quintissentially Pinoy easter eggs. The issue's writer, James Robinson, sugggested that they slip in a Filipino reference or two. The comic book issue is now also available for purchase. 


And while everyone knows that superhero movies are based on their comic book origins, we're definitely keeping our fingers crossed about Manila being considered as a possible setting for the next Wonder Woman movie! 

As one of 2017's biggest blockbusters, the Wonder Woman franchise is expected to bring forth a sequel in 2019.

Cover and content images from @wonderwomanfilm