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You Can Now Adopt A Giant Clam To Help Save Philippine Seas!

Even Princess Ariel has nothing on this marine preservation project spearheaded by Crimson Resort and Spa in Mactan, Cebu.



When summer's in full swing, it only means one thing for the jet-setting Filipino: visiting as many Philippine beaches as possible! There are literally hundreds of them to explore from Luzon to Mindanao, both well-known and unexplored, quiet and gentle, wavy and mighty.

Filipinos are universally proud of their country's natural treasures, most especially their oceans and beaches; it would be a real shame and a truly painful experience for these environmental resources to be destroyed beyond repair by manmade causes.



Given the speed of urban development, commercialization, and increase in tourism to the Philippines' best beaches, it is imperative that measures are put in place to ensure the protection of all marine resources today, and for the years to come.

The ocean's delicate ecosystems have been found to be especially vulnerable to human destruction, and this is a reality that Crimson Resort and Spa—a luxury hotel literally situated within meters of the ocean—has taken into account.



As a large business, they have taken it upon themselves to be a leader of environmental preservation in the community. As one of their efforts to be a socially responsible and highly influential stakeholder in Cebu, they encourage everyone to learn more about—and participate in—their pioneering marine preservation project called #KeepClamAndSaveTheSeas.

A project executed in partnership with marine biologist Regil Gesultura and a team of dedicated environmentalists, #KeepClamAndSaveTheSeas has seen Crimson develop its very own marine reserve within its foreshore.



The 8-hectare sanctuary has become a literal home to 77 fish species and best of all, 98 juvenile giant clams. The clams are the reserve's undisputed superstars: this particular clam species is integral in maintaining the balance of marine ecosystems, and without them, fish and reefs would be unable to survive, therefore, impacting the lives of locals who depend on the ocean for livelihood and sustenance.

The clams are doing just fine; they've acclimatized to their new surroundings, and they're being taken care of to become the ocean's heroes that they always were.



To help Crimson in this effort, you can actually adopt one of the 98 giant clams for a small annual fee. The clam will be named after you (because who doesn't want a giant clam named after them?), and by doing so, you know that you'll be contributing to a worthy cause in a tangible way.

Additionally, if you ever find yourself checked in at Crimson Resort and Spa, you can even snorkel around the marine reserve, feed fish, and yes, visit your adopted clam to see how it's doing.

For more information about #KeepClamAndSaveTheSeas and other offers from Crimson Resort and Spa, visit their official website.



Cover and content image from @crimson_mactan