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You Can Now Live Forever—But As A Tree

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust—or, human body to soft, earthy loam. After we pass, we are remembered in all sorts of ways. Tombstones mark graves, urns carry our ashes for our loved ones to prop up on small altars—all traditional ways for us to remember the dearly departed. But what if there was a different way, a way to remember our loved ones in a way that gives back to the Earth all that it gave us throughout our lives?

For those who want to live forever, innovators in the field have come up with a solution: become a tree.

The Capsula Mundi (Latin for “world’s capsule”) is a container for ashes that has been designed to convert your remains into a tree after you pass. Designed by Italian designers Raoul Bretzel and Anna Citelli, the Capsula Mundi is a plastic casket made to carry your ashes into the ground, leaving your remains to serve as a direct source of nutrients for the sapling that is to be planted over your burial spot. While the Capsula Mundi doesn’t turn you into a tree per se, it ensures that your earthly essence gets channelled into one.




What’s the science behind the Capsula Mundi, and does it actually work? While it may look like a shiny, white and wholly artificial egg, the Capsula Mundi is in fact made of a special biodegradable plastic that gets taken apart by microbes the minute it’s placed in the ground. As it biodegrades, the capsule releases the ashes directly into the ground and into the root system of the tree above, with minimal changes to its chemical composition. There, the roots of the tree suck the nutrients out of the earth, efficiently transferring what once made up your human body into its own arboreal system.



Not to put anyone off but we have to share this! We ran into this project last year and it fascinates us. What a beautiful alternative to coffins, naturally decomposing into earth and turning into a beautiful tree that will likely outlive any of our human lifespans. They say energy can neither be created nor destroyed but converted into nature- now here's an idea worth looking into. No one wants to think about death and dying and for most there's a massive fear that is associated with it depending on each person's belief system. Many cultures view death and rebirth in a beautiful way as a natural part of life- with acceptance, love, and gratitude for what was. I was always so certain about wanting to be cremated but now I'm reconsidering. These eco friendly egg shaped organic biodegradable burial pods will turn us or our loved ones into trees. Capsula Mundi is an Italian company that developed this beautiful alternative to coffins and graveyards. The idea is to place a body in the fetal position, enclose it in biodegradable burial capsule, then plant it in soil with a seed or a tree. A whole new perspective of death and rebirth through nature and visiting memory forests. Brilliant idea. #death #rebirth #deathanddying #energy #transformation #capsulamundi #capsulamundiproject #coffin #nature #forest #memoryforest #reincarnation #limitless #timeless #superhumanearth #life #love #biodegradable #ecofriendly #nextlevel

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Aside from providing an all-natural marker for your loved ones, the Capsula Mundi addresses a surprising environmental problem that many of us don’t take into consideration. Coffins are lined, coated and crafted using all sorts of artificial materials, from the cushioning that line the walls to the metal fixings and flourishes that hang off it. These materials don’t degrade, and end up lodged in the Earth as waste products. Critics of the Capsula Mundi say that the cremation process itself is inherently a big polluter, but Capsula Mundi’s designers assure a future model that allows bodies to be buried sans the cremation process. The Capsula Mundi skips on all non-biodegradable materials as it repurposes your body into a tree, which can then serve the purpose of being a wonderful addition to a natural ecosystem.

Bretzel and Citelli are hopeful that the Capsula Mundi will gain ground with the public, and they look forward to future forest graveyards where once was tombstones and slabs and metal buried deep in the ground. Whether it be for the sake of your remembrance or because you simply don’t want to cause the Earth any more pain, the Capsula Mundi provides an interesting burial alternative for when your time is up. Your run of life may be over, yes, but the Capsula Mundi provides you with this final opportunity to channel what was once yours into the first sparks and spurts of budding new life.



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