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REVIEW: Why You Won't Regret Investing In Sony's X-Series Portable Wireless Speakers

We road tested the SRS-XG500 and the SRS-XP700—and they did not disappoint. In this honest review, we'll help you decide which unit is right for you

Sony SRS-XG500 in session

More than ever before, we want to make our time spent at home fun and worthwhile. This calls for engaging in activities that we never would have thought of doing (at least at home), or even just making every day moments all the more special and memorable.

Life has definitely changed since we’ve all mostly had to stay home due to a global pandemic. With this comes cabin fever and just a general sense of wanting to escape to, well, anywhere. That’s where music—and an excellent quality speaker—comes in, with all its magic, easily transporting you to wherever you’d like to be in the world, with just a push of a button.

Now, you’re maybe thinking: “Well, I’ve already got a pretty good Bluetooth speaker. Why invest in a new one?” Well, you haven’t heard the magic that comes out of Sony’s new X-Series Portable Wireless Speakers yet. And when you do, you might just change your mind.

Just take it from us. Last month, we road tested the SRS-XG500 and the SRS-XP700 for several weeks. Using the speakers for different uses, even while just being home, encouraged us to live life loud, both literally and figuratively. From delivering big, high quality sound (few things compare to the bass on the XP700!) to mega portability (like the super easy-to-use XG500), these speakers make great investments and make staying home just so much more fun. 

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Here are four reasons we adore these speakers:

1. Powerful sound like no other

Sony SRS-XP700 Omnidirectional Sound

Now, without getting too gritty on the specs because we definitely encourage you to check them out on the official Sony website, here's the bottomline when it comes to the sound coming out of these two speakers: they fill the room with powerful sound like no other.

Take the XP700 for example, this unit is literally built for a venue-filling sound. It features Omnidirectional Party Sound provided by the X-Balanced Speaker Unit and the front and rear high-efficiency tweeter—sending out rich, clear sound in all directions.

That's not to say the XP500 is too far behind. The XG500 is perfect for taking a decently powerful sound literally anywhere you go. The combination of the X-Balanced Speaker Unit, High-efficiency Tweeter, and passive radiators delivers a crisp and clear sound whether you're listening in an indoor space or outside. 

2. Durability and portability that you can count on

Sony SRS-XG500 can go with you literally anywhere you so desire

Both units are built to last... a very long time. This makes them perfect investments for audiophiles and audio newbies alike.

The XG500 shines in this being the one we could imagine with you wherever life could possibly take you—it is just super durable in exterior and design. With IP66 Water-resistant and Dustproof rating, this speaker is made for a life full of adventures.

Meanwhile, the XP700 really is built to be the life of the party—whether inside or outside the home. It's IPX4 water resistant and has a built-in handle to make moving from one party to the next easy. It is quite heavy though, but is designed to still be portable enough that you can bring it with you anywhere.

3. Battery that can last all day—and all night


Likely, your current Bluetooth portable speaker has a battery life of anywhere between 12-15 hours. For us, this is where the X-Series truly makes for a great buy—they have battery life that lets you never have to stop. 

Again, the XG500 is a favorite in this regard. It's powered with a huge 30 hours of battery when fully charged. This lets you keep playing and making music, rarely ever having to pause and charge.

On the other hand, the powerful XP700 still packs a punch with battery life at an impressive 25 hours when fully charged. Which is great because at any great party, no one wants the music to end—and it won't.

Both devices have Battery care feature helps you avoid overcharging, keeping your battery in optimal condition for longer. And when you're short on time? Both the XG500 and XP700 have a quick charging feature that will give you three hours of play on just a 10-minute charge. 

4. Multiple features to make lasting memories


If you're a musician, or even just aspiring to be, the Sony X-Series line up—with the mic and guitar inputs—are designed to let you make sweet music anywhere you go. Karaoke at home with the whole family? Both the XP700 and XG500 let you easily connect a mic to your speaker and sing your heart out, or plug in a guitar and use the speaker as an amp.

There's also a Party Connect feature which allows you to connect up to 100 units with sound and lighting synchronized—pretty cool, right? The Party Connect feature is cross category compatible with the XB43/33/23 wireless speakers, too. 

Looking to power up stereo sound? Connect 2 units of the same model using the Stereo Pair feature to enjoy L/R stereo sound.

If you're looking to maximize your music listening experience on the Sony X-Series, definitely download and explore the Sony|Music Center and Fiestable apps from the App Store or Google Play. Change the lighting patterns, switch up sound modes, use voice control, or just cue all your favorite songs—the possibilities are endless.

So, what's the verdict?
It depends but we say go for it. The decision is ultimately yours and we think you should consider how you use your portable Bluetooth speakers. For me, I thoroughly enjoyed using it for Planaforma or yoga classes on Zoom—it was the next best thing to working out in studio with everyone. I also loved that I could play music outdoors by the pool, and not worry about any potential damage. Battery life was great, especially considering the sound quality that come out of both models. My pick would be the XG500, considering my lifestyle, but definitely would recommend the XP700 for people who love to share music with family and friends. Overall, either is a good purchase—and one you will likely not regret.