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Change Up Your Routine With These Two Devices

Here’s how the OPPO Watch Free and OPPO Enco Air2 can change the way you work out and wind down!

Now that we’re starting to go out more, our routines have likewise changed. Entering a post-pandemic normal, it’s important to establish new routines in the way we live, work, study, socialize, and even exercise. One of the great things about technology is that it bridges the gap between problems that you are yet to recognize. Case in point: In establishing routines of working out, working, and winding down—we’re getting cues from these two devices: the OPPO Watch Free and OPPO Enco Air2.


Daily routine with OPPO Watch Free

Author and speaker Laura Vanderkam often talks about maximizing your day in her book 168 Hours, You Have More Time Than You Think. Here she talks about the productivity tip of taking into account all the hours that you have and re-examining the weekly allotment of 168 hours and organizing it in such a way that you’ll find pockets of time to do the things you want to do without making big sacrifices. 

 You can do it better with the OPPO Watch Free because it functions like a handy assistant in helping you go through your day. It can send you your calendar schedule, send notifications across all apps from email to messaging, to reminders. That way you can monitor your activities across your calendar and also block off time for health and fitness activities. You can set schedules and reminders for sleep and workout with the Watch Free via the HeyTap Health app. 

Your overall health, in numbers

We love how there are so many new ways to look at how healthy you are—and it’s not just your waistline and weight. You can get data on the number of steps you’re taking, the workout time, energy expenditure via calorie count, activity sessions, your heart rate, blood oxygen saturation (Sp02), and sleep records.


Auto-identifier for movement

If you’re on-the-go, you switch from sitting, to walking, and then once you’re working out, especially when you have a trainer or you’re in the gym, you can go from rowing, to taking the elliptical machine, to burpees, and deadlifts. 

 If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you might go from sailing, skiing, archery, skating, swimming, and more! What we love is that the OPPO Watch Free supports over 100 workout modes so it can identify any activity that you’re doing. That, in our books, is simply amazing!


More effective workouts

Data monitoring can give more effective workouts such as the Exercise Heart Rate Zones that can show you how intense your workouts are, and the automatic Heart Rate Warning, which can let you know if your rate is too intense. We also like the Running Courses that give different running itineraries: from easy runs, fat burning runs, endurance runs, and interval running. Monitoring and the different workout modes work hand-in-hand in showing a more accurate picture of your workout. 

 You can take this experience further by pairing it with the OPPO Enco Air2, which is sweat-proof—it’s rated IPX4 water resistant so you can enjoy music while running in the rain or sweating it out during a workout.

We also love how you can use this even while swimming! You can easily record your laps since the OPPO Watch Free has 5ATM water resistance.

Function and style in one

If you’re obsessed with fashion, like us, you’ll love how you can customize the OPPO Watch Free to match any of your outfits! All you have to do is take a photo of your outfit, and then watch AI will customize the watch face to match your look and make you choose a design with the color palette from the photo you took. Or you can also opt to draw your own watch face with Light Paint. Try it out!

The watch is very light, almost weightless at 33 grams. It doesn’t weigh down your wrist so you can go from activity to activity. At the same time, the design is sleek and unobtrusive. It comes in two colors: black and vanilla. The screen is slightly curved with scratch-resistant glass. It displays 16.7 million colors across the 1.64-inch AMOLED screen.

More ways to wind down

Part of winding down is having a sleep routine, and the Oppo OPPO Watch Free helps you get consistent sleep by forming sleep schedules via bedtime reminders. It’s even amazing how it can automatically pause music playback when the watch detects that you’re already sleeping! Watch it track your nights and you’ll see your sleeping habits and how they contribute to your overall health.


You can also add the OPPO Enco Air2 in your wind down routine as it can give you amazing sound for viewing or gaming. We all know we like consuming media at night, before bedtime—whether it's watching drama or listening to music. We super loved the experience when we watched the second season premiere of He’s Into Her the other week.

You can also de-stress at night by playing a game. Yes, we play Apex Legends before going to bed, and it becomes such an immersive experience with the OPPO Enco Air2’s Bluetooth 5.2 and binaural synchronous transmission technology.

Two habits to remember: Working out and Winding down

Developing new habits can be made easier with the OPPO Watch Free and the OPPO Enco Air2. Whether you’re working out or winding down, it elevates the experience and makes you want to keep putting them on for your next workout or your next bedtime drama watch.

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For more information visit the website for OPPO Watch Free and OPPO Enco Air2.