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Editor’s Pick: vivo V30 Pro

Create fashion portraits on the Go with vivo V30 Pro’s ZEISS Triple Main Camera and ZEISS Style Portrait

One of the phone functions that can instantly elevate a phone photo is the Portrait Mode. With the right lighting and effects, the photo looks more curated, and with the depth of field, it gives a more professional look. But not all portrait modes are the same, and most actually need a bit of photography knowledge to look close to the effect of a DSLR.

The opposite is the case for vivo V30 Pro, which has elevated portrait phone photography with the ease of use of clicking through a mobile phone. I’ve reviewed the other V series phones, and this is the first V series smartphone to feature the vivo ZEISS Co-Engineered Imaging System, best seen in its ZEISS Triple Main Camera and ZEISS Style Portrait. 

It’s also one of the slimmest phones yet packs a punch when it comes to power with 5000 mAh battery life that lasts the entire day despite taking so much content. 

Pro-grade Portrait Camera and Lens

The natural succession of vivo and ZEISS collaboration, the V30 Pro, which is co-engineered with ZEISS, features ZEISS Triple Main Camera. 


It’s also the first smartphone to feature a 50MP Professional Portrait Camera that offers 50mm focal length, the preferred focal of portrait photographers. This gives more realistic and vivid portraits, while the perspective is more natural and closer to the human eye’s view. We noticed the extensive detail in the portraits, from strands and highlights of hair, and eyelashes, to the fabrics and textures of the clothes. 

The 2x zoom also helps for closer shots without moving, so you get a variety of options for what the products look like. 


Then there’s the 50MP AF Ultra Wide-Angle Camera that gives 119° Ultra Wide-Angle Perspective for group shots or landscape photography. It’s the V series’ first 50MP ultra-wide angle camera that comes with Auto Focus, plus the AI Group Portrait also helps for group photos, ensuring clarity of up to 30 people in the portrait. 

@metrodotstyle Metro’s fashion editor #RandzManucom shows us how the #vivoV30Pro helps him find inspiration for his work #PortraitMasterwithZEISS ♬ original sound - metrodotstyle

Then the last camera is the 50MP vivo VCS True Color Main Camera which helps capture true colors with exceptional clarity in low-light conditions. The vivo Camera-Bionic Spectrum (VCS) technology enables the camera to have colors closer to the human eye. 

Then of course, at night the sensor helps with the 50MP VCS True Color Main Camera that comes with a 1/1.49″, the largest sensor in the V series, paired with Optical Image Stabilization. 

Remember the filters and profiles we like using from apps before posting photos? This can all be done with the phone courtesy of the vivo Color System. Three color profiles are available: ZEISS Natural Color, vivo Vivid Color, and vivo Text ured Color. I prefer using Natural Color to further tweak in post and the dramatic effect of the vivo Textured Color. 

Amazing Portraits

One of my favorite features are the six different portrait style bokeh options inspired by the iconic ZEISS lenses: These are ZEISS Biotar, Sonnar, Planar, Distagon, Cinematic Style Bokeh, and ZEISS Cine-Flare Portrait.


Added to this is the cinematic style added to videos called the ZEISS Cinematic Video Bokeh, with a unique aspect ratio of 2.39:1, giving it a movie-like look and feel. You’ll notice that AI also creates depth calculations for a more natural bokeh effect. 

This is great for capturing fashion images: from models to products, to even catching a mood shot that we often use Instagram.

A big percentage of the event and inspiration photos we use nowadays from social media and articles come from our smartphones, so this feature is definitely of big help!

Aura L-light Portrait

A feature that I love is the Aura Light Portrait 3.0, which comes in a chamfered rectangle at the back, which complements the shape of the 3 ZEISS lenses. It gives a softer light, smart adjustment for closeups, and distant photos, and comes with cool and warm light adjustment for color consistency.

Compared to standard flash, Aura Light 3.0 provides softer yet more powerful lighting for portraits, which is 19 times larger and 50 times softer than the standard flash, giving it a diffused look that we usually get from using a beauty dish or powerful stand-alone photography lights.

There’s also Smart Color Temperature Adjustment so you can find the correct color temperature based on your surroundings. In this case, we tried it out in a dark videoke room with neon purple lights. 


Something to also consider is the Aura Light Portrait Video and Aura Light Food Mood, which our fashion editor Randz Manucom tried out for vlogging. A photography hack we’d often use for dark restaurants is using another phone’s flashlight function to light up a dark dish, but this isn’t necessary when we use Aura Light Food as you can temper the different restaurant scenarios to provide the best possible food shot. 

Pretty screen

Finally, the vivo V30 Pro comes with an artistic and tactile finish in the new Petals Bloom White edition which shows a 3D Petal Pattern, which, according to the stats, gives an incredible 13 million lines to the phone’s surface!

The phone comes with a 5000 mAh (TYP) 4-year durable battery that supports 20 days of standby time with the Super Battery Saver mode and can be fully charged in just 46 minutes with the help of the 80W Flash Charge. This has proved to be useful when we had to quickly charge the phone during a trip. 

Watching videos are also comfortable with the 120 Hz 1.5K AMOLED Display for the immersive video experience. Thankfully there’s eye protection for comfort, especially towards the end of the day. 

The vivo V30 Pro is available for Php34,999 (12GB RAM + 512 ROM). You can buy it in vivo concept stores as well as online via the vivo website, Shopee, and Lazada.