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Editor’s Pick: HUAWEI MateBook 14s

In the future where hybrid work is the norm—it’s important to find a device that is flexible and can adapt to the increasing needs of collaboration, multi-tasking, and multi-device living. Architect, environmental planner, live-streamer, and editor-in-chief Geolette Esguerra talks about her experience with device

These days, we find ourselves increasingly dependent on our laptops—from work, to watching movies, to live streaming, to watching dramas, and even answering messages. While a phone or tablet can augment the requirements at work, the day-to-day grind processing power, graphics, and the multi-functionality of a laptop. 

So what we are looking for is a device that can give the best of both worlds, and more! And this came in the form of HUAWEI MateBook 14s

I had a chance to try it out for a week, and it came at the best time, too, because that week was packed to the brim with a lot of activities from zoom calls, to live streaming shows, video and photo-editing, writing and editing for the web, preparing decks, and designing. In my free time, I also managed to get a couple of hours in some of my favorite games and watched some dramas, too! 

Here are the reasons why I think it’s an amazing device built for the future of hybrid work. Definitely a “laptop +” giving all the benefits of one plus so much more!


1. Stylish yet understated.

One of the first things I check in a device is how it looks. You might think it's superficial, but for someone who needs inspiration all the time—as an architect and editor—I have to surround myself with beautiful objects that will take my work to another level. Beauty is so important because it creates new contexts in whatever it is that you do. If you fill your life with beautiful objects, the same way you will want to keep your house clean, then you are creating space for beautiful things to bloom.


Which is why the MateBook 14s is a source of joy, it comes in a Spruce Green colorway that is absolutely gorgeous. In the sunlight, it has a dazzling iridescent effect on the metal chassis that makes it look almost light green, while this is toned down when indoors or at night, and creates a slightly darker yet metallic and mysterious sheen. 

This makes it eye-catching and truly unique—it makes you want to take a second (and third look) just to check if you’re really seeing green. It’s also a relaxing color, there’s a certain vitality to it that is interlinked with the story of the dragon spruce, which is one of the world’s oldest trees. This color represents the relentless vigor of life. 

While the origin is something refreshing, new, and flourishing, I get a different vibe as well, because the color brings to mind ancient paintings and scenery. It’s in this more somber, laid-back tone of green that the landscapes are depicted. 

Apart from that, it looks more like an accessory—it’s very sleek! It has a light form factor at 16.7mm thick and weighs 1.43kg so you can carry it around like an upright clutch. Yes it’s light enough for one-hand holding.


2. It’s so versatile! 

Using the HUAWEI MateBook 14s’ 10-point multi-touch sensitive screen, you can tap, pinch, zoom in and out, and easily navigate through your document and file, as if you’re manipulating paper. 

When closed, it has a bevel that turns in silver, making it look as if there’s a thin line in the middle of the laptop when closed. 

Once opened, it comes with MateBook’s signature 2.5k touch FullView Display with four narrow bezels and a front-facing camera. If you like your screen real-estate, like me, you’ll also love its high screen-to-body ratio of 90 percent which can give a truly immersive viewing experience. 

It also has a 3:2 productivity aspect ratio so you can view more content vertically. This is very important if you’re looking at a lot of documents all the time, so you’ll be able to see more content horizontally. 

Of course, having the multi-touch is a joy, and almost intuitive. It was especially useful for Sketch Up when I was manipulating the model of the Chengdu Pengzhou International Airport with one hand on the keyboard and the other on the screen to rotate the model.


3. The refresh rate lets you do so many things all at once.

If you like games, watching videos, and if you’re like me, who likes multi-tasking and doing different things at the same time, then you’ll love the processor of the MateBook—the 11th Gen Intel® Evo ™ Platform i7 Processor. You can easily accomplish multiple things when you’re doing something graphics-intensive, such as editing a video, playing a game, watching a drama, or even when switching from multiple windows when you multitask.

Plus, its screen also has a 90Hz refresh rate. This means that you will have a smoother video experience for all your needs.  

Everything is just snappy and quick with the low display latency, so you will get a better sense of being productive because it’s so quick. 

It was a joy to rewatch bits of He’s Into Her, The King’s Affection, and the newest season of Money Heist on this beautiful screen. It has 100% sRGB wide color gamut, where the display can render 1.07 billion colors to show vibrant colors and smooth transition. 

As for gaming, I’ve tried a few hours going around Valheim, so I’m pretty pleased with how versatile it is. It is smooth even with high settings, there’s not stuttering or lagging in the frame rate. 

Audio is excellent as well because of the HUAWEI SOUND support and quad speakers with tweeters and woofers. 

I did try toggling between the 90Hz refresh rate and the 60Hz—better for battery life—at some point because I had to unplug. However, the battery life is said to last up to 13 hours of continuous video playback at 1080p!


4. The battery can keep going and going and…

In our post-pandemic life, we won’t be tethered to an outlet all day long, as it will be a hybrid of working from home, in a cafe, in an office, and while on site so battery life is of utmost importance. Thankfully, the HUAWEI MateBook 14s has a 60Wh high-capacity battery and comes with a pocketable 65W power adapter which can quickly power up the laptop. I’ve tried it! A 15-minute charge can give up to 2-3 hours (depending on wifi and how much you multitask, of course)! 

This special charger also can support HUAWEI SuperCharge for some HUAWEI smartphones and tablets, so you’re covered.


5. Built for work in so many ways.

The HUAWEI MateBook 14s really takes into account how people would work. First is the processing power—it runs on the new 11th Gen Intel Core Processor and Intel Iris X integrated graphics. 

But you have the option to turn it on, so you can activate performance mode by pressing the Fn+P shortcut which can boost the CPU TDP to 45W! TDP is thermal design power, which links to the cooling system in a computer and thus pertains to the amount of workload it can carry. 

In my case, my laptops and desktops require a lot of processing power because I tend to have a lot of tabs opened, and I always multitask as well—from editing to graphics, to communications, and more. The HUAWEI MateBook 14s can take the hit because you can get a boost up to 45W.

The HUAWEI Shark fin fan system is further upgraded so you get a more efficient and quiet cooling performance. It also comes with a 1-terabyte drive so you have plenty of space for files and documents, as well as all your photos! 

I’m very particular about the keyboard, because of work I have to keep typing consistently at 100-120WPM, so it’s a pleasant surprise to meet a springy keyboard with a 1.5mm key travel and keys with a soft-landing design. It still gives tactile feedback so typing is quite enjoyable.


6. Best for collaboration.

Then of course, there’s the upgraded cross-device collaboration. Most conversations now are done via messaging apps, so having your HUAWEI MateBook 14s seamlessly connect and collaborate to other devices via HUAWEI Share 3.0 means you won’t be moving from one device to the other. 

With a simple tap, you can connect a laptop with a smartphone and project the mobile interface onto the laptop screen, so you can actually use two devices at a time on one single screen. 

You can also get very creative and use the HUAWEI MateBook 14s with a table and use it as a digital canvas. It also works for other devices, such as headsets and speakers. Even better, you can have the laptop collaborate with a HUAWEI MateView via a cable or connect wirelessly.

All in all, it’s quite an impressive device especially if performance and display is on top of your list. But the one thing that might finally convince you to give it a try is the Spruce Green color! It’s really unique and you won’t see anything like it. 

For more information, visit the HUAWEI website.