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Editor’s Pick: Lenovo Tab P11 Pro With Keyboard and Precision Pen 2

Are you looking for a device that looks and feels like a laptop for full productivity but won’t bog you down with a complicated experience of an operating system? The answer may be in a tablet with a keyboard and precision pen combination!

Because of new work arrangements, our devices now have to straddle both productivity and entertainment—at times giving a multi-screen experience so you can switch between apps or work on two things at the same time, and be able to enjoy the multitude of streaming services and games that are optimized for a handheld experience. Our new discovery is the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro, which can have a powerful combination of a tablet, a keyboard, and a precision pen. It gives the best of the apps available in tablet form while giving the flexibility to use for work as well via its handy interface.


Sleek Form Factor

By itself, the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro gives a sleek and contemporary feel. It has a slim aluminum-alloy unibody coupled with an 11.5” 2K (2560 x 1600) OLED display with a black frame that emphasizes the screen’s brightness. It feels sturdy yet it’s very light at 485g (1.06 lbs) so you barely feel like you’re holding anything when watching K-dramas or playing League of Legends and other games. It already comes with a keyboard folio and kickstand for flexibility—more on that later!


Awesome Display Perfect For Streaming

Since we love watching K-dramas on Metro.Style, we love how the Tab P11 Pro comes with an 11.5” 2k (2560 x 1600) OLED display. This gives really vivid colors and crisp images, along with HDR10 and Dolby Vision. Many streaming platforms now offer high-definition viewing like Netflix, which has Dolby Vision or HDR10—perfect for re-watching Crash Landing on You or catching up on Hospital Playlist Season 2


Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos for High Quality Viewing

Of course, we all know Dolby is the leader in advanced HDR technology, giving the highest standard in entertainment. To go a bit more technical, Dolby Vision technology decodes the full 12-bit PQ signal from the video and intelligently maps that content to the capabilities of the display to produce the best picture. 

Therefore, if you’re a K-drama fanatic like us, the best way to experience this on the Tab P11 Pro is to look for content on streaming services that support Dolby Vision HDR. 


More on that, what are amazing visuals without sound? In this regard the Tab P11 Pro is engineered with quad JBL speakers tuned by Dolby Atmos for an improved audio experience. To get more in depth, Dolby Atmos provides more realistic spatial sound and is compatible with various streaming services. 

The Tab P11 Pro already comes with a Dolby Atmos app so you can adjust the sound profiles. Here, you can let the system automatically adjust the audio based on the content you view by choosing the “Dynamic” profile or personalize your own. 


Security Features

Because we give our devices so much access into our digital lives, it helps that there are seamless security and log-in methods to access the Tab P11 Pro. First is the fingerprint reader on the side, beside the power button, so as you push the power button—you get to power up and log-in at the same time.

You also have the option of doing a face scan instead, using the smart front-facing camera which can unlock your tablet via facial recognition. 


Folio Keyboard and Kickstand for Flexibility

As mentioned earlier, one of the features I love best are the bundled accessories: The folio keyboard and kickstand. This folio cover makes the experience more cozy and personal because of the warmth given by the soft-touch fabric material that makes up the exposed areas of the kickstand at the rear, and the keyboard base.

Different situations require different angle adjustments, which is why the flexibility offered by the kickstand is unparalleled. You can choose from 0 to 165 degrees for optimal viewing—from having the table stand at almost 90 degrees, or having it lie flatter as if you’re viewing it from the top. 


For the Tab P11 Pro, it’s attached to the keyboard seamlessly via pogo pins on the bottom, which means you don’t have to pair it via Bluetooth. Once you open, it automatically goes into keyboard mode. 

Now more on the keyboard itself, it’s a fully functional compact keyboard with a nice spring to the keys. When you press, there’s a 1.3mm key travel that makes a reassuring yet quiet sound when you type. It also comes with a huge trackpad which measures 87mm x 49mm (3.4” x 1.9”)—a feat in itself because when you’re on your keyboard, naturally, you just want to keep typing and not touch the screen as much. 

What we love are the productivity-focused hotkeys that give access to common functions such as Back, Home, and even a Multi-tasking button which shows all windows that are opened. Volume keys, Brightness keys, a Full / Half Screen key when you want to switch between having the app on full screen versus having the windows floating on the ‘desktop.’ A handy Screenshot key, which I often use when I watch dramas, a Lock key, and a key for Google Assistant which just gets better over time. 


Productivity Mode 

And, when the keyboard is attached, it automatically goes into productivity mode. Because the UI adjusts automatically, the functions immediately conform to a user experience similar to that of a computer. For example, like in computers, you have an app drawer button which shows which apps or windows are open, alongside the traditional Android navigation buttons such as Back, Home, and Multi-tasking. 


In Productivity Mode, you can also control the appearance of your screen, such as splitting the screen between apps that you’re concurrently using. You can also easily drag them and snap them to either side of the screen for easier organization. 

This means that I could most easily do several things at the same time: Watch dramas on one side, and work on the transcription to the drama or article that I’m writing. While doing that, I could also have a window showing my mail app, along with a browser for easy referencing.

These are the features that really take this tablet to the next level! You have the best of both worlds—flexibility of a tablet and the productivity of a portable computer. 


Precision Pen For Creativity

And for even more amazing productivity, there’s the Lenovo Precision Pen 2, which can be used for sketching, navigation, and note taking. In this case, I use it all the time for signing and commenting on images and documents.

This precision pen can do so much more than that though, because it has 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity that supports tilt detection for a more realistic writing experience. You don’t have to use batteries for this as well, because you can charge it via the Type-C port on the top of the pen. There’s also a carrying case that allows for multiple ways to store the pen. You can either attach it to a carabiner or the inner loops of your handbag when you’re on the go.

Editor Approved: Play + Productivity must-have 

All in all, there’s just so much to do with the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro. It’s a device for both fun and entertainment but also high productivity. It’s great especially if you have a lot of your apps on the cloud, and if you like multi-tasking. While a laptop can have a lot of processing power, sometimes you don’t really need to learn a new OS or go through tedious installation processes just to do emails, editing and writing, making presentations and spreadsheets. You can do all these, and more with this flexible device for both work and play. 

P.S.—This article was written on a Tab P11 Pro!

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