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Embark on New Adventures at Home with AirConsole and SKY

Tired of quarantine routines? Try out casual multiplayer gaming with the whole family on AirConsole, which comes free for six months with your SKY Fiber plan


As many families continue to bear the routines of being at home because of the pandemic, they may be constantly on the lookout for entertainment and ways to bond. Good thing technology has already made leaps and bounds that staying at home is no longer such a bad thing.

With AirConsole through SKY, parents can now join their kids in gaming with its array of games for all ages by just using a smartphone as its controller and the SKY Evo, TVs, tablets, and daily computers as its main screen and console—making quality time with them much more fun.    


"You really collaborate with your children and explain to them some strategies on how to get further, which is surely also a beautiful aspect of the platform—to spend quality time with your loved one, especially now in these times," said AirConsole COO Anthony Cliquot, at a recent media event.

AirConsole is a casual gaming platform that offers Filipino families opportunities for bonding and entertainment with its over-160 games, and has recently entered into a partnership with SKY.  


As a special treat to existing and new SKY Fiber subscribers, not only can AirConsole be experienced seamlessly with its fast and reliable internet connection, access to the premium AirConsole Hero plan also comes free for six months, worth P249 a month for regular subscribers.   

"Indeed, the pandemic has been a really stressful time for a lot of people and it seems it also became the number one topic of discussion. I even recall my last Christmas dinner where we desperately tried to have a conversation topic with my close one that does not relate to Covid. In fact, we failed all night apart from the 2 hours we played AirConsole," Cliquot said.    

AirConsole's edge over other gaming platforms today is its accessibility and affordability. "That is the core of the console and its functionality. We make playing games together really easy. Players can play together on AirConsole without buying any additional hardware. All you need is a SKY Evo box and the smartphones that you already have," Rafael Morgan, Head of Publishing at AirConsole, mentioned.       


"I can recommend the games we played that night together such as Friends Quiz that let you focus on how well you know your friends and family members in a very funny fashion. Or Whack Attack for some quick pace Takashi castle-like experience," Cliquot said.       

Apart from these, parents can also bond with their children over classic minigames, such as the flinging race through wacky obstacles in "Fling to the Finish" and slingshot action in "The Neighborhood." Moms and dads can also go up to speed with its racing games great for the whole family with its fun go-kart racing game "GoKartGo! Air!" and combat car racing title "Burnin' Rubber 5 Air."       

There are even competitive sports games, including its track-and-field game "Smoots Summer Games," minigolf extravaganza in "Golfriends," and its online arcade soccer battle "Golazo!" If it's mind games that excite them, they can take on AirConsole Hero's trivia and crafty games such as "Trivia & User Quiz," "QuizWitz," "Can't Believe It's...," "fARTwork," and "Drawing Evolution."  

The pandemic may have brought social interaction to a halt, but innovations in technology have also kept people entertained. With its wealth of casual game choices for the entire family and its affordability, AirConsole Hero via a SKY Fiber subscription brings quality time with your families.     

For more information on how you can get AirConsole Hero for 6 months free, visit Meanwhile, SKYcable subscribers can avail of the AirConsole Hero for P249.