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Everything To Love About The New Fujifilm instax SQUARE Link

We tried out this creative smartphone printer, and it went beyond our expectations

Recently, I re-watched the movie Up with my five-year-old son. If you're familiar with this 2009 movie, you'll surely know the "My Adventure Book" featured in it as well. Adorning its pages are printed photographs of couple Carl and Ellie. Seeing the two characters flip through those scrapbook pages reminded me that even in this digital age, nothing can still beat the beauty and charm of photo prints. 

This is why I think the new Fujifilm instax SQUARE Link, a creative smartphone printer, is such a welcome addition to everyone's gadget collection. Collect lots of memories and capture them in photographs, but don't just leave them in your phone gallery or on your social media feed—print them! As this brand's tagline goes, "don't just take, give."  

Gone are those days when you'd still have to go to a photo studio to infrared or bluetooth your phone pictures to a machine to have them printed. Now, with breakthrough innovations such as this feature-packed instax SQUARE Link, you can "go beyond the frame" and do the printing all by yourself, straight from your smartphone! 

It's so easy and convenient, really. You just need to download the instax SQUARE Link app and get creative in customizing your photos there. The steps are simple: select your photo, zoom/crop/rotate it whichever way you want it to look on the print, then start customizing! The personalization options are exciting: you can play around with frames, stickers, texts, and/or filters. You can even do a collage in one frame! Once you're sure about your design, all you need to do is just swipe up to print. 

It was such a fun experience going through my phone to look for photos to print and it was even more fun that I got to enhance their sentimental value with my personal touches. The above-mentioned features of this smartphone printer are great but what really got me excited was the AR Print that allows one to add text, special effects, photo, doodles, and background. With this new gadget, you can also sketch or doodle, take a photo of it, and integrate it onto your photo as an additional design.   

"Here in instax, we really do believe in not just taking but also giving," said Geremy So, Senior Marketing Leader for instax, during the intimate launch of the instax SQUARE Link. "So, that's why, actually, last year, we launched a campaign called the Give Squad wherein we partnered up with different ambassadors all over the world to be able to spread our message of giving. With the help of the Give Squad, we actually launched a campaign called workshop wherein we encouraged everyone to take snippets of their daily life because, to us, it doesn't matter if it's a big moment or a small moment, because we believe that every moment is worth taking a shot."

The new Fujifilm instax SQUARE Link, which is available in ash white and midnight green, proves to be an exciting new find—whether you simply want to elevate your mood boards at your home office nook or relive the beauty of keeping photo albums and the art of scrapbooking. And for this holiday season, it's an ideal gift for a loved one; you may also opt for the instax photo prints to personalize your gifts and use them as cards or have these customized prints adorn your Christmas tree. I'd have to agree with Geremy when she said that it's hard to brand "cool" especially these days, but instax doesn't have to try hard to be considered one.  

Photo prints never go out of style, after all, and it always feels amazing to have a tangible memory to hold onto. I'm fascinated that my son has started to appreciate photo prints—after seeing my instax SQUARE Link, he's already asked me to print photos he customized himself. I won't be surprised if, after seeing the movie Up, he'd suddenly ask me to buy an adventure book and print instax photos to decorate its pages with. I can't wait to print away! 


Lead photos by Kenji Kilala, courtesy of Fujifilm Philippines