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When Safety is a Must, GRAB Your Essentials in Just Few Clicks

Apart from the essentials, safety is also definitely a must amid the surge of COVID-19 cases—but thanks to Grab we’ve got an app to help us get all those must-haves in just a few clicks and taps, not to mention GrabPay’s easy and convenient ways to earn points and redeem rewards

Just when we thought we're getting closer to the end of this pandemic, an unexpected plot twist befell and dragged us back to where it all started. In a snap, we’re once again isolated at home; frightened anew to leave the safety of our house. And we fully understand where you’re coming from—another chapter of the pandemic happening before our eyes, cases hitting closer to home, a new variant scaring us with the unknowns, getting anxious about what’s going to happen next.

But somehow, staying at home most of the time and being sure that you’ve been limiting your interactions with people calm you down as you wait for more positive news. If only we can sit still in the safety of our house and never have to worry about running out of essentials and must-haves… *sighs*

Wait, what if we can?

Well, you can now stay in the safety of your house and simply order what you need and what you want just by keeping a superapp for your everyday essentials by your side: Grab and its very own e-wallet, GrabPay. With GrabPay’s latest updates, shopping for essentials has never been so easy and—literally—rewarding; giving points for every transaction you make, allowing you to redeem offers and avail of discounts from top stores and favorite brands, and making you add even more to your cart with the same budget you have.

Exactly what we all need as 2022 enters with big challenges, GrabPay’s options and hacks to stay safe not only make your “New Year, new me” resolution all the more achievable, but also limits your need to go out and shop for goods and other must-haves:

Wide-merchant acceptance of the virtual GrabPay Card and Wallet

The GrabPay wallet has a wide suite of partner-merchants to purchase all your much needed essentials such as Watson, The SM Store, BeautyMNL, Mayani, and Zagana, among others.

Apart from that, Grab also has a digital-first GrabPay Virtual Card powered by Mastercard, which can only mean one thing – acceptance in millions of global and local merchants such as Shopee, Lazada, and a lot more! So not only do you need not worry about running out of your essentials; you can even reward yourself every now and then, completely from home.

Cashbacks and discounts from partner merchants

Aside from having a wide range of partner merchants, GrabPay also offers exclusive discounts for the above to let you finally get your hands on the fashion pieces, wardrobe upgrades, and other items you’ve been saving up for (we know you deserve ‘em for all your hard work and struggles amid trying times).

You can also opt to use your cashbacks and get discounts on your next purchase of household and self-care supplies. Talk about GrabPay making your every purchase worth it!

Free cash-ins and fund transfers with GrabPay

Cash-ins and fund transfers have long been a source of worry for many, just because of the amount of convenience fees that pile up when doing so. But believe it or not, you won’t have to spend a single peso making transfers or cashing in with GrabPay.

So the next time you’re looking to support a local shop, you can still do it with your GrabPay wallet since it lets you send funds to any bank account or even other e-wallets for FREE! You get to save as much as P25 compared to other e-wallets or banks.

Reward earning benefits from every transaction made with the wallet or virtual card

But wait, there’s more! Not only does GrabPay make it easier for you to have your essentials right at your doorstep and bring you closer to your shopping wishes, it also offers yet another perk that other e-wallets can’t: the ability to earn points. The best part about this is the very easy way one can stock up on points – from every transaction you make on GrabPay, you will be entitled to a certain number of points. The more points earned, the better and more rewards you can redeem, from additional discounts both in and out of the Grab app to airline miles and even Apple gadgets!

So stay safe and sound as we all hope for better tomorrows. Essentially yours this 2022, let GrabPay be your partner as you go through your pandemic woes and the challenges of shifting to the new normal that comes along.

For more information, download your Grab app or visit Grab online