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Discover This Perfect Pairing For Your Home System

Finding the perfect modern piece for your home was made easier with this perfect pairing of Samsung’s The Serif TV and Soundbar

When we worked on the review and video of Samsung’s The Serif previously, we kept emphasizing how beautiful it is, and how it seems to match everything in a contemporary dwelling. You don’t have to hide it behind a lattice screen, it can easily be a part of your Scandinavian or even modern-designed interior.

It makes sense that this year, Samsung shares that you can actually pair either The Serif or its wall-mounted counterpart, The Frame, with a Lifestyle Soundbar for the full audiovisual effect. Here are the ways we’ve grown to love it, and we know you will, too!


Designed to Visual Perfection

“When you live your life artfully, every day can be a work of art,” I said in the video of The Serif.

And with two beautiful artful pieces such as The Serif and The Frame, it doubles the inspiration factor. For one, the soundbar is a delight because it’s incredibly slim at 39.9 mm thick, and fits perfectly with The Serif or The Frame in terms of design. Even the subwoofer it comes with is compact and unobtrusive. It can easily sit beside an indoor plant or a hanging floor lamp.

Immersive Audio and Cinematic Sound

I’ll add to this with a pleasing discovery with this pairing: Having an aesthetic and aspirational object is one thing, but at the same time, getting a full-embodied experience with audio, is a reward for the senses!

You’ll never watch television with audio the same way again after you’ve tried the Samsung Lifestyle Soundbar. It’s the world’s first wireless Dolby Atmos connection that can link to a Samsung Smart TV. It supports both Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual:X, which recreates sound to bring it to new heights, making your audio three-dimensional. 

You can experience captivating sound from above, with its 3.1.2 Sound or 3 channels, 1 subwoofer channel, and 2-up firing channels. This helps create a complete audio environment for a captivating entertainment experience.

The best way to appreciate this is to experience it firsthand. The first film we watched with The Serif was Mission: Impossible - Fallout on Netflix.


Prior to activating the Lifestyle Soundbar, we relied on the television audio of The Serif. But when we figured out how to configure the soundbar, there were moments when we jumped right out of our seats because of the solid bass tones from the subwoofer.

The immersive sound that made it seem like we were right there in the parking lot with Ethan Hunt, trying to secure the plutonium.

This is because the Soundbar, when paired with a Samsung TV like The Serif or The Frame, creates an immersive sound. It effectively combines and enhances sound through the soundbar’s front, side, and up-firing speakers, as well as the TV’s speakers, too! So you have a new level of acoustic immersion like you’ve never seen before.


Adaptive sound

While we didn’t just watch action films on The Serif, we tried other genres to test it: The Academy Awards, for one, required a different type of sound configuration, and this was adjusted through the Adaptive sound feature of the Samsung soundbar which analyzes the sound signal to automatically optimized the sound based on the scene.

I could tell the difference because I was also watching The Oscars on a mobile device, so the parts where there’s loud music versus parts with the host, Jimmy Kimmel, was more seamless on The Serif and Soundbar.

The Active Voice Amplifier (AVA) helps, too, for American sitcoms, like when we binge-watched Big Bang Theory without the subtitles. With this feature, you can hear on-screen conversations clearly, even with noise. What it does is it isolates and clarifies dialogue in your favorite shows and movies as the soundbar picks up and raises voices, so you can simply sit back and follow the story.


Ease of use in the Samsung system

We love how it fully integrates with Samsung devices, like the Tap and Play function, which we often use when listening to music on our Samsung phone. The soundbar can recognize the device and seamless connect with it, and even play the song that you were listening to. Note though that this works via Bluetooth, and it’s compatible with Samsung mobile devices with Android 8.1 and above.

Here’s something that’s even cooler: You can control the soundbar using your Samsung remote TV! This means you won’t be scrambling for two different remotes when you watch television (unlike most devices).

Great backdrop for Zoom meetings

Here’s a feature you might want to try: You can use The Serif and the Lifestyle Soundbar as a backdrop for your meetings! You transfer images to a USB flash drive, and you can play a slideshow or have some images stay put, as your “virtual” background. I tried this out during a Metro K-Drama Roundup episode, and I had a lot of fun with it!

Perfect pairing? I think so! Whether you’re an aesthete or you’re a culture vulture with a strong need for an exceptional home theater system, you’ll love this perfect pairing of the TV and Soundbar, which are currently sold at a special rate. You’ll get The Frame or The Serif paired with a Lifestyle Soundbar, which, when working together, can provide greater a more immersive sound experience, while looking great together, too!

For more details visit Samsung Authorized Dealers or visit Follow Samsung on their official Facebook and Instagram pages

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