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Capture Life’s Best Moments and Biggest Joys With This New vivo Phone

With the vivo V20 SE, you’ll get a stylish device with superb photography features especially at night

In fashion, ‘sleek’ and ‘light’ give a vision of minimalism and top-notch technology, so when vivo announced the new V20 series, it immediately piqued our interest. A phone series that ascribes to the idea of thinness so much so that it’s almost as thin as a slice of pizza or an eyeglass lens at 7.83mm for the V20 model, while weighing only 171g. At the same time, it imbibes vivo’s philosophy of contemporary and elegant design while pushing for innovation through its photography features that allow for capturing the best moments.

We’ve had a chance to play around with the vivo V20 SE, and here are our observations:

At first glance: Display and Shell

The V20 SE has a curved glass panel that comes in two colors—Gravity Black and Oxygen Blue—both come in a gradient that make it look as if light is always shining on the back panel of the phone. On the right side comes the power button along with the volume keys. Below, you can find the main mic and speakers, along with a USB Type-C port and a headset port. On top is the pin port that has simcard tray with 3 slots: 1 for micro sim and 2 nano sims; and there’s also a secondary microphone. At the back come three rear cameras lined up neatly, and a rear flash on a black glass mounting that protrudes a little.


The front screen measures 6.44 inches, and comes with a 2400x1080 AMOLED display with a capacitive multi-touch screen. The images look very crisp and premium, the colors vivid both during daytime and nighttime. On the screen itself lie the front camera and a hidden ambient light sensor and a proximity sensor. There’s also a fingerprint sensor that’s embedded in the screen.

It comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 CPU and an 8GB RAM with 128GB disk space—plenty to work with for photography with the options of linking to vivoCloud.

Fashion colors

The idea behind the color palette of the V20 series combines music and the gradients of the sky. In the case of the V20 SE, the colors are Gravity Black and Oxygen Blue, while for the V20 Pro and V20, the colors are Midnight Jazz, Sunset Melody, and Moonlight Sonata.

Cutting-edge photography

Its innovation in slimness is coupled by similar breakthroughs in technology as the V20 SE comes with a 32MP front facing camera and a rear 48MP AF with f/1.8 aperture, an 8MP wide-angle camera with f/2.2 aperture, and a 2MP depth sensor with f/2.4 aperture along with an LED flash.

Phone UI is easy to navigate—you move from Night Mode (with a visual marker running clockwise to show that the shutterspeed is slower; and a pop-up that says “Processing”), Portrait Mode gives the option of either the super-wide angle lens or the bokeh (making the background blurry to emphasize the foreground).

It also comes in a Face Beauty option to improve on the face by changing the skin tone, and includes options on whitening, thinning the face, jaw shaping, eye-enlarging, forehead shaping, nose-contouring, nose-thinning, mouth-shaping, and more! In short, the vivo V20 SE can also be your digital aesthetic surgeon.

It has a Posture (aka poses) that suggests fashion poses that you can whether doing a selfie, casual looks, couple looks, group shots, and even stylish shots. So if the Face Beauty option can give you an instant facelift, the Posture function will turn anyone into a photographer as it suggests different ways to pose for scenarios, all using AI of course.

There’s also the super macro mode found in the main Photo feature. Then there’s the Video Mode that can similarly give the Beauty option (but only for 720P), and has the option of using the super wide-angle.

The other types of photos include the Panoramic photo, the Live Photo, the Slo-mo, Time-lapse video, Doc mode. There are also AR stickers that you can play with for extra fun.

The AI function easily distinguishes between subjects: whether people, food, or even documents.

Battery Life

The South-East Asia Release of the vivo V20 SE comes with a 4100mAH battery that can accommodate 33W fast charging. It lasted for an entire day of heavy camera use and some browsing, which makes it a great device for everyday use.

Apps Galore

Straight from the box, you have an option of using the V-Appstore or Google Playstore for your app needs. There’s a Themes browser for full customization whether its your screen or font.

Then there are pre-installed tools that are useful for maintenance such as iManager for space cleanup, security scanning, and data management; a pre-installed Google Assistant, vivo EasyShare for file sharing, vivoCloud, and a GameCenter.

It has a full suite of Google Pre-installed apps like mail, maps, YouTube, Drive, YouTube Music, Duo, Photos, Google One, Podcasts, and Lens; as well as Calendar, Chrome, and News.


At the heart of the vivo V20 series is its commitment to contemporary and elegant design with its slimness and lightness, and its expression of technology through its poetic use of color and the focus on photography as a source of joy and inspiration. That way, one can capture life’s best moments, anytime, anywhere.

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