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Santolan Town Plaza Now Does Rockwell On Demand

With The Rockwellist App, you can get everything you need from this side of town without leaving home!

Shopping at Santolan Town Plaza, Rockwell’s retail hub in San Juan, is now made easy as 1-2-3 as Rockwell brings its buying assistance service, Rockwell On Demand, to this side of town. The San Juan community can now get their essentials and more from Santolan Town Plaza, without leaving home—a safer way to shop, especially during these times.

So, just what is Santolan Town Plaza on Demand? It is a service that aims to provide customers a convenient buying assistance service for their Santolan Town Plaza needs. The service covers the customer journey starting from store buying assistance, picking up orders and settling payments in-store, to delivering orders directly to their addresses.

Rockwell will take care of buying and/or picking up the orders of the customers, settling payment in-store and delivering the items, free of charge to the tenants.

Where is it available and how can customers avail of this service? Santolan Town Plaza on Demand as a service is available through The Rockwellist Mobile App’s Rockwell on Demand Feature. You can download the app for free on the App Store and Google Play, or download through

To book Rockwell on Demand, simply click on the feature at the menu bar below and fill up the form based on your needs. All customers, regardless of city of residence, can avail of this service which covers the entire shopping journey from ordering and purchasing, down to doorstep delivery! For more info and step by step, visit

And here’s how Santolan Town Plaza can help you shop:

  1. Need someone to do your groceries? Enjoy The Marketplace grocery buying assistance and next-day delivery for Php 250.00 + a standard city-based delivery fee.
  2. Want to shop in other Santolan Town Plaza stores? Let Rockwell On Demand do the shopping for you with our buying assistance service. Book for up to three (3) stores or restaurants with same-day delivery for a flat rate of Php 80.00 + a standard city-based delivery fee.

Conveniently pay for your orders with several payment options: credit/debit card, Metrobank Bank Transfer, and PayMaya wallet. Residents have the option to be billed weekly. Fees apply depending on the service customers avail and the courier fee depending on the location of the customer.

So, how long will it take for orders to be delivered?

  1. For orders placed with Santolan Town Plaza's restaurants, you can expect your package to be with a partner courier and on its way to you within 20 minutes.
  2. For non-food orders placed in our stores, deliveries will be done the same day of the order is placed (before 6PM), on the condition that you meet the order cut-off time of 5:00PM.
  3. For The Marketplace buying assistance, delivery will be the next day (cut-off time for ordering is 6PM daily.)

Get anything you need and want from this side of town! Just download The Rockwellist mobile app to get started. For more information, follow Santolan Town Plaza on Instagram and Facebook